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Cosmic Cycles, New Solar Meditation for 5D Ascension

Welcome Beloveds. The Earth's present Cosmic Cycle is nearing its completion within this spiral dance of Cosmic Evolution. Much gratitude, appreciation and Love is graciously gifted to all those souls working in Light and Love, including the legions of Light Workers who have assisted in the process. Many of you have incarnated into the lower more dense 3rd Density Frequencies taking on both the emotional Human debris of the Group Lower Mass Consciousness together with your Individual more dense Emotional patterns so that these 'cyclic limiting beliefs' may be transcended by grounding these trapped Frequencies into the 3rd Density embodiment of Earth.

New Cosmic Solar Coding emanating through your Sun are now being grounded into a New Version of Earth with a New Energy Matrix in preparation for the next phase of your spiral dance in Evolution. Occupying the same Space and Time Matrix of Earth, is a new Frequency Matrix of a New Earth, in readiment for a New Quantum leap into a New Octave of Experience on the Frequency of Love. This New or Second Earth awaits your arrival and the invitation to journey and explore is open and available to ALL. This New 5th Density Earth is not so much a new place to reside upon but more a state of Beingness, vibrating on the Frequency of Love.

Relax Beloveds into a peaceful meditation and clear your mind of all your 'day to day' concerns. This may take a while for some to clear the chitter-chatter of the Ego that has become familiar with dealing with 'day to day' survival concerns. In the quietude of your own mind in an appropriate location of your choice prepare yourself for this important meditation.

  • Now is the time to take an Internal Inventory.
  • Who have I become?
  • Release ALL judgment on ALL levels of your Consciousness with all experiences that you have encountered in this lifetime.
  • Every experience in this lifetime that you have created or co-created with others is for your own Growth and Evolution.
  • While you hold any blame or judgment, no matter how small you may think it is, you are not accepting your own Creation, therefore, you are holding yourself into a Lower Vibration of Thought Creation.
  • Send Love and Forgiveness to all parties involved, including yourself.
  • Do not rush this process.
  • Call upon your Higher Self and the Emissaries of Light, the Arc-Angels and any Ascended Masters or Light Beings that you choose to assist you in the next part of this meditation.
  • State clearly that you are 'ready' to align your self with the New Earth's 5th Density Frequency Energy Matrix.
  • Clearly state that you are now READY to make the Leap into the New Frequency of 5th Density Earth.

If you are reading this transmission for the first time, you have probably already made the Leap into the New Frequency of Consciousness on a Subconscious or Unconscious level and in this case, you are merely adding your Conscious commitment to the process.

You may feel your existing body being pulled out and moving into a New Body, this may occur in an instant. You may also become aware of Loving Beings during or after the transition and be greeted psychically or physically by Loving Emissaries of Light. An opportunity may be offered to you to stay in the 4th Density transitional stage working from that density assisting with the Planetary Ascension process. Or, you may choose to temporally remain in the 3rd Density assisting with the Ascension process until the time is appropriate for your full Ascension. And, in this case you will continue to be a Light Worker holding a transitional 5th Density Frequency Matrix, operating in a transitioning 3rd to 4th Density Reality.

This invitation is open to all Souls, however, not all Souls may be ready to accept it. In this case, they will continue on their chosen journey. Do not be surprised if they are friends or family members. They have their own journey and Evolutionary path that their Soul has already chosen.

This Leap in Consciousness occurs in an instant and often the Intellectual mind has difficulty translating the experience that may seem only seconds in duration. However, it has occurred and your life can instantly change, you will be guided and assisted from here on.

The two Earth's will separate in Time and Space and the New 5th Density Earth will begin an exciting adventure free of the 3rd Density past. The existing 3rd Density version of Earth will continue on her path with the Souls who have chosen to remain and will continue to fulfill their chosen destiny on another cycle of the Spiral dance of Cosmic Evolution.

We Bless You All.

Together we have completed an incredible 28 day cycle that started at the New Moon phase. TOGETHER we focused our CONSCIOUSNESS into these messages and the Harmonics of these THOUGHTS energized this process and TOGETHER WE CREATED a powerful TIMELINE with the Dominant Frequency of Light and Information, LOVE and Knowledge. TOGETHER we moved through the phases of the Moon building and strengthening this Frequency and today we have completed this cycle at this next New Moon.

It has been through this 28 day Moon Cycle that we have experienced two very powerful Positronic Waves of Energy from the Heart of Creation that have further amplified these Frequencies together strengthened with a synchronized Global Meditation of LOVE at the height of the Lunar 3D Low Frequency emanations. Collectively, with many other groups Globally we have energized a NEW TIMELINE into 5D.

We Thank and Bless EVERYONE for their part no matter how small you may think it is. Just reading the messages have elevated your Awareness raising your own Frequency adding to the Collective. With some of these questions and enquiries came much information shining the Light on your expanding Conscious Awareness further raising the Individual and Collective Consciousness.

There is much, much more to come and this will be received in a less concentrated form and will be delivered in a timely manner over the next coming weeks and months. The attention from some of the Emissaries of Light is required in another form and we look forward to our next meeting through the imagination of our minds.


Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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