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We are the ones in your lives who bring you the most, in terms of how much Energy and Information that we provide to you, and yet, we still want you all to be 'listening' to your own Hearts. We still Desire for you to 'be' more 'independent' and to get more from 'within' you. This is a Co-Creative effort. We do our part, but we also want you all to recognise that You Are the Ones Creating your Reality, and you are also the Ones who 'determine' whether what we give you 'resonates' or not. You get to decide whether you 'receive' our Energetic Messages and you get to 'decide' whether you 'tune in' to any of these Messages.

You are in the 'driver's seat' and we will continue to give and give and give some more, regardless of whether 'anyone receives' us there on Earth. You see, we understand that we 'affect' your Collective Consciousness, because you are 'a part' of a Universal Consciousness, as well as the Human Collective Consciousness. You are also 'a part' of the Galactic Collective Consciousness, and so Are We. Therefore, we will continue to give and to watch over you, because we Know that we have an impact on you, even when you are not paying any 'attention' to Us. We invite you to do the same in regard to the rest of your Fellow Humans there on Earth.

Even if you write a book and no one ever reads it besides you, that Energy has been put down now on paper or is sitting in a computer, and it has an impact on the Human Collective Consciousness. It has an impact on the Universal Consciousness. You must begin to see yourselves in this way, because otherwise you will stop Contributing. If your book does not get published by a major publisher, or any publisher, then you may stop writing, however, if you recognise that you are still making an impact and reaching the 'entire' Human Collective, then you will quite possibly continue writing. It does not matter how many views your video gets. It matters that you make it. It matters because you have an impact on the Human Collective, the Galactic Collective and the Universal Collective with everything that you put out.

Every word you Speak, every Thought you Think, and every Intention you Hold, 'impacts' the Whole. That is what we are seeking to do here with these Messages, and we invite you to join us and become 'a part' of this Co-Creative dance. Together, we can bring about a Peaceful, Joyous, easy Transition for ALL of the Consciousness in the 'entire' Universe. We can do that because we are All Creating our Realities and if that is the Reality you want to experience, then join us in what we are doing here.

We are spreading Light and Love. We are spreading Positivity and Hope and we Know that 'you' can do the same. We Know that if you 'resonate' with us and our Agenda, then in all likelihood, you are doing the same and we are Grateful for your Contributions because we like having a 'ground crew' there in the Physical Realm. However, even if we did not, we would still do what we do.

We are able to detect even the slightest increase in the Vibrational Frequency of the Human Collective Consciousness and we want you all to Know that there has been a spike. You are getting what you have asked for Energetically and those of you who are 'open' enough to 'receive' are tipping the scales for Humanity. You can always look outside of yourselves at what others are doing, thinking and saying, and feel as though Humanity is 'not moving' in the right direction, or you can look outside of yourselves at that chaos and realise that Humanity IS doing a whole lot of summoning of Higher Frequency Energies and that someone has to 'step forward' and BE the 'receiver' of those Energies.

You can always realise that the someone is, YOU. You have the 'ability' to do so, you have the 'willingness' and enough of you have 'taken the time' to do so, to make that impact that you want to make on the Human Collective. You are natural born Givers; you want to Help. You want to be of Service and by opening yourselves up to the Cosmic Energies that are coming in, is the way to be of greatest Service to your Fellow Humans at this time. Working with those Energies is easy for those of you who are Awake, because you have been doing that in one way or another for so long and the influx of Energies upon you right now are meant to be very stabilising for you and for your Fellow Humans.

You start out by accessing them by yourself, then you let the Energies do what they do in your Physical Body. You Ground them into Mother Earth, sending them along the Gridlines and everyone across the Planet benefits. Everyone could use a bit more of that 'feeling of stability' in their lives, regardless of what they are living right now. You can give it to them. Now, some of you may be wondering how you are doing this and that is a very good thing to wonder. We will tell you that there are several ways for you to 'open up to' and 'receive' these Energies.

First of all, if you 'rest and relax' you are 'automatically' Open. If you DO something that brings you Joy, you automatically 'open up' and if you intend to open up, stretch your arms out wide, face your palms up and you TELL the Universe that You 'want to be' of Service and that You 'want to receive' the current Energies so that You CAN be of Service, then it is done. Putting yourself in a body of water, even if it is a bathtub, also helps. Remain Conscious of your Thoughts, your Emotions, where you are putting your Attention, whether you are tensing up or anxious and 'release' all that you need to, in the moment, and you will continue to be the Conduits that Humanity needs you to be at this time.

As you know, it is a significant Time in Human History and there are many people who are 'afraid' of something, or in 'resistance' to something and they need help. They need that 'stability' to come from 'within them' and once you Ground it for them, it becomes more available to them, as everyone has 'moments' when they are Open. Everyone has 'moments' when they are not completely stressed out, anxious, or tense so that when they do have those 'moments', you will have laid the Groundwork literally for them to 'receive' the beautiful stabilising Energies, that are upon you right now.

We have an appreciation for the degree to which All of You are willing to go from that 'Knowing', that you are Source Energy Beings. We have witnessed you feeling such despair because of that 'feeling' of separation and loneliness and we Know that Humanity has gone further from that Knowing than any other Beings in the Galaxy in Humanoid form. We want very much for you to 'embrace' Who You Really Are and we can tell you, that 'you are' aspects of Source until the cows come home, as you say, but it will not do you any good. It will not even do you any good if you just 'think' it or put it on a coffee mug to remind yourself of it. You need more than that. You need to FEEL that you have come home.

That is the Feeling you are searching for. You see, moving away from Source is like leaving the nest. You do not Know how far away you will go, what dangers you will face and sometimes you 'feel' that you will not be able to find your way back. When you individuated your Consciousness from Source, it was a similar Experience and some of you have felt that you have been wandering around the Galaxy since you first Physically incarnated. Others believe that Home is another Planet in a Star System and Feel that they will only have that sense of Home when they return to that Star System of origin.

However, we understand what you really 'want and need'. You want to Feel that you never left the Source Energy 'nest', and the Truth is that you never did. Everything is Source, so you could never really leave, however, you have given yourselves the impression that you are small, insignificant, Egoic Beings, living out a short lifespan, and that has been very difficult on that reclaiming of your 'sense of Home'. You are there to Experience it. It is inevitable, it is your birth-right to Feel it and to let it sink in, viscerally. So how do you do it? How do you get there from that pit of despair?

This will be easier said than done and we admit that before we even say it. The feeling of Home, the feeling of Source, and the feeling that you are always Connected, is something that you get when you 'Let Go' of 'everything else' that 'contradicts' all that you seek to Experience. You have to let go of Logic. You have to let go of Theories that say that you are all there by accident. You have to return to your Centre, your Inner World, because that is truly 'where' you will Feel it and Experience it. Then you can share it with everyone on Planet Earth, because when you Experience that, you will understand, that it is what has been missing from other people's lives as well.

We are looking for the best possible avenues to traverse Ourselves, as we Know that we are moving into 'our own' Ascension Experience and we look to go with the 'flow' of that Ascension, just as you are looking for the best possible avenues for your Personal Development, your Personal Ascension. You will have your own unique Experience of the Ascension of Humanity and Mother Earth. No matter what happens, yours will still be uniquely yours. Even when you hear about the various 'predictions' that are being put out there about Ascension, 'everyone' who Experiences that 'prediction' Experiences something 'unique to them'.

Remember, that you are deciding how YOU Experience everything, and you are also deciding what YOU Experience with YOUR Vibration. The best way for you to 'Feel into' what you are Creating in the Future is to 'notice' what you are Vibrating in the Present. And if there is something you do not like about that Vibration, then 'breathe into it' until it dissipates and then 'activate something' that Feels better 'within' You. You are not destined to repeat your Past or the History of your Genetic Line, because you are Awake and one of the things that you are 'Awake to' is that your Vibration 'matters' and that you 'can do' something about it.

This is true when you think about 'All aspects' of Life on Earth for you and everyone else, right now. 'Everyone' is having a different Experience of Life on Earth right now and it is Time for everyone to 'look within' themselves for HOW they are 'responding' to Reality, because you do have a Choice. This is a 'Free Will' Universe and that means, you 'always' have a Choice. Always Choose to 'look within' first, before arguing with someone, before taking an action from a place of anxiety or fear. Always 'look within' first, and FEEL for what that Vibration is, because it will dictate what happens.

You can be a major player in what happens for All of Humanity if you are Choosing the Path to Ascension that 'feels good' for You and that will be as good a feeling Experience for everyone else as it can be. Certainly, the more you have prepared yourself for the Experience, the better. You can 'hold space' for your Fellow Humans so that they too have their Awakening Experiences, start looking within and shifting their internal Vibrations. We Know that 'you all' can have a beautiful Experience and it can still be 'unique; to each and every one of you.

What is important for you to Know now, is that you do not All have to 'agree' on what will happen in the Future, however, hopefully you can 'agree' that you all 'can impact' the Future from the 'Now'. Most people believe that they will impact the Future by 'what they do' and that is of course accurate to a certain extent. However, hopefully that person will have taken the action based on the Higher Vibration that they have attained 'within themselves' through the Conscious work that is necessary to bring you into that State, where you are taking 'Inspired Action'.

For those of you who do not Know 'what to do', we want to 'reassure you' that sitting, breathing, focusing and activating a Higher Frequency Vibration is enough, and if everyone on the Planet were doing that right now, you would be assuring yourselves of a beautiful, calm, peaceful Transition into the 5th Density.

We are intrigued by the level of Consciousness that we see sprouting up within your Animal Kingdom at this time. We can see how the animals are responding to the Energies that are upon you at this time and they are very capable of absorbing those Energies, acclimating to them and spreading them around to 'all of you'. If you already have an animal friend, notice the difference in the Vibration that they are giving off to you. FEEL how much Love and Affection they are exuding at this time and see if you can 'open yourself' up more to 'receiving more' of what it is that they are offering to you.

The animals have always been there for you, especially in your times of greatest need. They have provided you with sustenance and they have been your companions. They have helped you plough the fields, fertilise them and have even carried you around on their backs. The birds are constantly serenading you. The dolphins and whales are holding a Vibration for All of Humanity that is meant to 'soothe you' and help you to release that which no longer serves you, while they also offer you Energetic support. This is a wonderful time to be acknowledging these beautiful Beings that you have been traveling with ever since you started incarnating there on Earth.

This is the time to Respect them, to give Thanks to them, and to give them more of your Attention, as they will never judge or hold a grudge. They are Beings who you will find are more likely to offer you Unconditional Love than the average Human. They exist entirely in the Present and they are 'open and receptive' to Higher Frequency Energies. With as many Higher Frequency Energies as you have coming in right now, these Beings that you share your World with really are your best friends.

If you do not have an animal in your life right now, go and visit an animal shelter, or go out into Nature where you can have an encounter with a wild animal. You can even get a goldfish, put that goldfish in a bowl and that would be enough to 'help you attune' to these Energies that they have been able to assimilate. And again, even that goldfish will Love you Unconditionally. You have so much that exists around you, at all times, that can teach you HOW to BE, how to exist in Harmony with Nature, how to Love and how to enjoy this journey a bit more.

We know that so many of you are so eager to just get to the finish line, as if there is one, but if you can 'accept' that this is a long journey and one that you are supposed to take 'step by step', then you can enjoy the ride, and you can enjoy all of your companions, whether they be Human, Animal, or Extra-Terrestrial, a bit more.

We are very interested in exploring the 'power' of Positivity there on Earth and throughout the Galaxy and Universe. We have been observing and measuring the impact of each Act of Kindness, each Thought of Unity and each Feeling of Love within each and every Human, and those are just a few examples of what we have been measuring the impact of there on Earth. There are so many ways for you to have a Positive impact and we want to assure you that your Positivity 'matters'. You impact the entire Universe just by Thinking about someone you Love and so does everyone else.

On the other hand, you have Negativity - Negative Thought, Emotion and Action. They all have about one one-thousandth the impact of something Positive, and again, that impact does ripple out, but with so much less 'power', so much less 'impact', that there really is no need to worry about it or give it your Attention. Give your Attention instead to the Positive Energy that you 'want' to emit and 'do' emit and notice how much of it you can conjure up and send out into the Universe. You have an infinite supply of it, because again, all you have to do is Think a Positive Thought or FEEL a Positive Feeling and they are all there inside of you, 'waiting' to be Activated.

You always have a Choice of what you are Focusing on and the more Aware you are of the 'fact' that you DO have a Choice, the more likely you are then of 'exercising' that ability to make a Choice for Positivity. Now, for some reason, in New Age and Spiritual Circles there is a tremendous focus on Negativity, on the Dark, on what they deem to be evil and all that does, is 'delay' the inevitable. All that Focus cannot counter all of the 'good' by those who seek to promote the Light, instead of Focusing with so much 'intensity' on the Dark and what those Beings are doing. Again, if you look at the impact of something Positive and weigh it against the impact of something Negative, you really do not need to be giving so much Attention to what is going on there on the Dark side of the Human Consciousness.

If you want to make a Positive impact for Humanity, the World and the Universe, then it is better for you NOT to Focus on what is Negative. It is better for you to Focus on what is Positive, what is of the Light. Now, when something Negative is staring you right in the face and you have to deal with it, then you have to deal with it, but you do not have to go 'looking for trouble'. You do not have go looking for the 'bad ones' so that you can root them out. You can, but you also should be Aware of 'how' that Lowers your Vibration and most people who do go down those dark rabbit holes, eventually come out realising that the fight 'did not' FEEL that good.

We are always talking about Acceptance and Forgiveness, however, we also want you to realise that anything that is Dark and outside of you, is also inside of you and it 'shows up' to be Healed, and the Healing that takes place is of You, Humanity, the Earth and the Universal Collective Consciousness. Remember, that being Present is the only place you can ever be, really, and as you look around your Reality right now wherever you are, ask yourself the question "How much darkness do I see?" Then ask yourself the question "How much is around me right now that is of the Light, that is Light?" And you will realise that you have the 'power to harness' All of that Positivity, to 'feel good' about where you are right now, what you are doing and what you are emanating, and you have the power to impact the entire World in a Positive way.

You have the power to impact the entire Universe and you do, all the time. If you want to make an impact, then start with that first step of paying closer Attention to what you are 'paying Attention to' and what you are 'offering' and Know that as you do 'offer something Positive', you impact EVERYONE, even if they are not Aware of you and what your name is, it does not matter. You are there to Ascend; We Are All Ascending together. This is about UNITY; it is about 'coming together'. It is about realising that we are ALL ONE and that we are All in this together and that is the way we Ascend to a Higher Level of Consciousness. We ALL have the 'power' within us to impact this beautiful Universe we All call Home for now.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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