Ascension Messages

You are Serving Humanity by being your 5th Density Selves

We are very fortunate to have Connected with those of you who respond to us and our Messages. We know that we got to many of you just in time and we have heard from many of you that this Connection that you Feel with us and that you know is true, has been life altering. We do our best to keep you all on the straight and narrow, operating from a Higher Vibration, and in that place of 'Positive Expectation', because you are determining what happens next. Nothing is written in stone. You will Ascend because you have decided to. Not even that, was predetermined for all of you; there were options that you could have taken and did not.

Now that you are locked into Ascension, you are the Ones determining how you are going to do it and how it is going to Feel along the way. We know that when we have your Attention, you are not Focusing on what someone else is telling you will happen, and we sincerely hope that our Messages tip the scales for all of you and help you to realise that no one can tell you what is going to happen in 'your life' and on your World. They can speculate and they can try to influence you to think like them, but they cannot make it happen and they cannot look into a crystal ball and tell you what the one true Future holds.

Now, you are in the month of December and you have the Solstice coming up, and our recommendation is that you make that day BE what you want it to BE, not what someone else tells you what it is all about. If you want Ascension to be completed on December 21st, then Focus on that Reality and on what that Reality FEELS like to YOU, do not worry about what anyone else says. You do not even have to agree with us when we say that it is too soon and that you ARE needed to be a part of this Collective that is Ascending. We do not need you to believe in what we tell you; we Know that as we Empower you to Become more Conscious about what you are Creating, we have fulfilled our purpose.

We want to see you Happy and in Peace; we would Love to see you operating from the Highest Vibration possible and the rest is up to you. You are being given the Keys always, and what you Choose to do with them is entirely up to you. You ARE Source Energy Beings and Source Knows that All Creation is not only valid but useful. It is informative and it leads to more Creation and even more Creation, which is what Source wants. If you can look at All Creation right now in the same way, then you can 'let go' of 'all resistance' to it. You can allow a greater flow of Energy to you, and you can be a Part of a Conscious Ascension where YOU are in the driver's seat.

Continue to Focus on where your Power lies, which is within you and it is specifically in your Ability to Vibrate, not in your Ability to 'think and do'. Focus on your Vibration right now and ask yourself where it is, whether it is as high as you want it to be and if not, close your eyes and 'breathe' for a while. That is the best advice that you will get during this month of December.

We are always pleased to Connect with you, because we Love you so much and because we can Feel your 'openness' to us and to our Energies. We like to provide you with the Energies that will help you the most, Energies that will serve the greatest and highest good of all. We are always sending you Energies to promote Spiritual Growth. When you receive Energies that help you to realise that you have everything that you need inside of you, you can be confidant that they were coming from us or some other, High Frequency, Higher Density Group of Beings.

The December 2021 Energies will be about promoting this Knowing and this Feeling within each and every Human Being. As you know from receiving our Messages, we are big believers in each and every Person looking 'within', rather than constantly looking 'outside' of themselves for validation of their beliefs, for everything that they want in the Physical to come to them, for Love from another Person. These are all wonderful things; however, each Individual must first realise that they are Infinite Beings of Love and Abundance, that they have 'direct access' to all types of Information, and that they ARE in fact Source Energy Creating the 'experience' that they are having in the moment.

We would much rather see Humans walking around with that Knowing than waiting for someone outside of them to affirm for them that E.T.s are real, that they have been lied to for quite some time and that they are getting a huge check in the mail to make up for all of the misdeeds that have gone on throughout History. The December Energies are about Stabilising you and your Thoughts and Beliefs, Stabilising you at your very core, helping you to recognise the Truth of Who You Are as Infinite and Eternal Beings of Love and Light and all of that will result in each Person there on Earth having that 'opportunity' to absolutely Know without a doubt, that 'everything' is contained within them and that they are the Force that Creates the Universe as it is today.

If you do not like the Path that you are currently on, it is important for you to Know that by going 'within' and shifting your Thoughts, Feelings and Vibration, you can jump to another track or Timeline. It is important for you to put more faith in yourselves than in someone else's prediction about what is going to happen on December 21st or what 2022 is going to be about. You have enough of those predictions now and enough Knowledge and Information within yourself to Create the 'experiences' you want to have at all 'pivotal moments' on your calendar and in Human History. You do not All have to agree on one version of Reality in order to Coexist Peacefully either.

You are meant to be diverse in your Perspectives, in your Thoughts and in your Behaviours. You are all meant to be operating at a slightly different Vibration, in fact you always will be, so do not expect everyone to agree on any topic and you will be able to 'breathe' a huge sigh of relief. You will know that the Reality that you 'experience' and that you Create for yourself can bring you into Harmony with those who are close enough to your Vibration to have a pleasant 'experience'. That is really something that we would Love to see you all experiencing on December 21st, on January 1st and for the rest of your time there on Earth.

We are very interested in pursuing relationships with you as Individuals because we are curious about the aspects of you that are also inside of us. We have been curious about Humanity for so many reasons, including wondering exactly how you are going to manage with the Energies of the 'shift' in Consciousness. As we get to know you Individually and see you as the unique aspects of Source that you are, we get to Know more about ourselves. We are especially interested in how you all react to being presented with Higher Frequency Energies. You are being given the option to allow those Energies into your Fields, your Chakras and your Cells and you also have the option of continuing on with what is familiar to you.

You have the option of continuing to run 3rd Density Energies through you. They are still present, even though you have already shifted to the 4th Density. They are available to you as options because you have Free Will. They are not going to be swept away for you and we are curious to see what it will take for you to Choose the Higher Frequency Energies that have been made available to you, that are in fact around you 'at all times'. Do you have to hit rock bottom, as many people suspect, to make Positive Change? Do you need to have a mind-blowing experience in order to Choose something different, something that will ultimately be better for you? Do you have to have a Health scare? Can another Person inspire to Choose the Higher Frequency Energies?

It is our hope that we can inspire you to do so. You Choose by taking the high road, instead of engaging in the same argument that you have had several times with the same Person. You Choose by spending more time in Nature and putting away your electronic devices. You Choose by being True to yourself and the impulse that you have coming to you from 'within', rather than just doing what everyone expects you to do, or what your parents did.

You have that Free Will and you are being nudged constantly to take advantage of the Choice you have. You can Choose that which is going to give you the best possible Growth Experience or you can Choose to remain where you are, treading water and waiting for something to happen. We see many of you 'tuning in' to predictions about what will happen and far fewer of you are 'tuning in' to the Higher Frequency Energies so that you can Create what you want to 'experience'.

That is what we are here to nudge you into doing and as we get to Know you and what inspires you, we also get to Know ourselves. We get to see 'you in us' and recognise the times when we do not Choose the Highest Vibrational experience that we could. You are helping us as much as we are helping you and we are very eager to see what happens when you do make the choice to 'open up' more to the Higher Frequency Energies and what it will take to get you do to so?

We have begun to discover new ways of reaching out to you as Individuals and as a Collective and we are excited to witness where you go with the Energies that we are sharing at this time. We are interested in how the Energies of your Solar System blend with the Energies of the Arcturian Star System. We want to see what new Hybrid Energies can be Created through our working with you.

As we send you these clusters, these packets of Energy and you take your innate desires and mix them together with what we have to offer, something 'brand new' is Created in this Galaxy and in this Universe. This is why Collaboration is such a big part of moving into your 5th Density Higher Selves. You are moving beyond the survival-at-all-costs model, which means that there is less of a need for competition. Competition can bring the best out of someone, but it can also bring the worst out of that same person. When you set your Ego aside and Collaborate, not needing or wanting the Credit for the desired outcome, that is when you Know you have grown.

And we want to Grow with you and to see what happens when you Grow from what we offer Energetically. These Energetic Downloads that you can Co-Create with will be coming to you from the air that you 'breathe'. You can sit and set the Intention to breathe in the Energies that we are offering, and you will. In doing so, you will receive more than just what we have been offering. You will receive what other Beings have been offering as well. Whenever you sit and hold that Intention to receive something of a High Vibration and then breathe Consciously, you get so much out of that experience.

We are eager to see what you will do in this next decade with all that you are being given and all that you are training yourselves to receive. We are excited to partner more concretely with Humanity in this way, because we Know our Energy blends well with yours. We just do not Know what will be Created from the blending of such Beautiful Energies.

We have determined that the best approach for Humanity in getting to a place where you can all live together Harmoniously is to look for the 'moments of connection' that you have with People that you would not have expected to have anything in common with. When you remember those times when you met someone who looked very different from you, and yet had very similar beliefs, you open yourselves up to the possibility of a Reality where everyone on Earth can get along and live on one Harmonious Planet.

We Know that asking you to see the Divinity in yourself and all others is a very big ask. We also Know that it is nearly impossible for some people to imagine themselves walking in another's shoes. However, you have all had experiences with other Humans where you were surprised at how much you had in common with someone who on the surface was so unlike you in every way. It is very hard to spot a Person who is Spiritual, unless they are going out of their way to tell you with their attire or with what they are doing. You cannot just look at someone and determine whether or not they share your beliefs. The New Sge has been expanding as a Community and more and more people are 'waking up' every day.

If you, as the Awakened Ones, can practice this, then you send that Message to the Collective Consciousness. You let everyone Know in those moments that you are sharing your memories with the Collective Consciousness that it is not only possible to make a connection with someone that you would not expect to make that connection with, but it is also a Reality in your experience. You really do want to experience a Peaceful World and while you cannot talk everyone else into laying down their weapons and hugging the person they see as their enemy, you can deliver this Message to the Human Collective Consciousness, by admitting that you were wrong. Find instances when you made assumptions about other people that turned out to be wrong, because you misjudged them and we are talking about those instances when it was a negative judgment and the person turned out to be someone that you could really relate to.

You are going to come to this Harmonious Society little by little and moment by moment. We Know that you would like to see something that would bring about a broad and sweeping Change, however, think about how many of you are Awake right now and how you can 'contribute' to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity in such a positive way. You can send shockwaves through your Collective Consciousness and do more for Humanity in a moment than you could do in a Lifetime of working at something Physically. This is the Power that you have as Individuals and as the Awakened Collective and we are just suggesting now that you use that Power for the 'good of all', for the Ascension of Humankind.

We are so very pleased to be able to give you the following Message. Sometimes we must get permission from the Higher Selves of each Individual who will receive the Message before we can proceed, that was the case this time around because we only can give you, that which will Serve you Vibrationally, Spiritually, Psychologically in every other imaginable way. That is why we sometimes need approval before moving ahead with a Message. This Message is about the way you all are shifting Energetically as Awakened Ones, what we refer to as 'The Awakened Collective.'

You are there to shift before the rest of Humanity, however, also to be able to lower your Vibration enough to still Serve them is of paramount importance. You cannot just leave the rest of Humanity behind, as some people have speculated. That is not the type of 'shift' you signed up for, it is not the one you are going to have, however, you do have to Serve as examples to the rest of Humanity. And therefore, holding you back from showing your True Selves is not working anymore. You must be allowed to operate as your 5th Density Selves, with a higher percentage of your Light Body turned on. You must be able to demonstrate the Powers that you have been honing throughout the time that you have been Awake and that means, you must have access to more of your 'gifts and abilities' and also your 5th Density Abilities.

Therefore, there is a certain amount of limitation that is being lifted from the Consciousness of each and every Member of the Awakened Collective, because it is time for you to 'demonstrate' what is possible to everyone else. That is why Yeshua walked on water; it was not to show off. It was to demonstrate what was possible. So, you will be the 'miracle-workers'. You will be the Ones to demonstrate what is possible, so long as you are not doing it for the sake of the Ego, or to prove to people that you were right all along. It will be used sparingly for those who are ready to Awaken and who need that little nudge, who need something that they can sink their teeth into so to speak and that is what you will give them in those moments.

However, you will also be operating more as your Higher Selves, more with those Light Bodies, which will give you a different Energy Field. You will appear in a different way to people and they will be inspired by you and want to know what your secret is, but this time you will not be telling them about your diet, your skin care regimen, or the supplements you are taking. You will be telling them about CONSCIOUSNESS, about Who and What They Really Are and about the Power of Focus, the Power of Intention, the Power of Vibration. These are the lessons that people need at this time and they need to know it so much more than they need to know about what is going on out there in the World, behind the scenes, in the dark shadows. We speak directly to the Awakened Collective, because we want you to Know how your roles are changing, how your Bodies are changing and how your Consciousness is changing, because IT IS TIME for you to be Who You Really Are and to not let 'anything or anyone' stand in the way of that.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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