Ascension Messages

You are Creator Beings

On a moment-by-moment basis we are updating our various philosophies on existence because we know that whenever we Feel we have worked it all out, we will discover someday that we do not. Therefore, we never cling to anything, because many assumptions that we may have made in our past, have proven to be wrong. We are ready to now embark upon more new missions with all of you as You discover what you need to know about existence and sometimes through Us. However, we will always be seeking to give you more of our updated moment-by-moment philosophies, because from where we are positioned, we can see the bigger picture that can assist you in so many ways.

Take a moment to consider why something is not happening for you that you really want to happen, and happen now, stop, and ask yourself, "How could this be serving me, and while I am waiting what else could I add to this creation and how can I grow from this?" Always turn it around, always look for positives because they are there, instead of thinking that what you are doing is wrong, or that you are blocked, or even, who is preventing this from happening? You are growing exponentially with each passing day because you are Awake and because you are 'willing' to do the hard work of 'self-examination', looking for where you can improve, and what other 'letting go' you can do to lighten your load.

You are allowed to have desires and to live lives of Joy, however, you must also recognise that everything is ultimately about your Expansion and your Evolution. Therefore, when things are not happening and you are not getting something that you want, in the 'timing' that you want, see it as an opportunity for you to grow. By 'letting go' of your 'attachments', it allows you to be more Present in the moment, and by being more present in the moment, you can enjoy 'the moment' that you are in. You become more timeless when you are not thinking about 'time' and then you are not even aware of how long it is taking for what you want to come to you.

Live your life 'knowing' that once you Create something, you will experience it. Knowing this can take the 'fear and anxiety' away as they only exist when you are uncertain about your Creation ever coming to you or to fruition. Therefore, remember that you are Creator Beings who are there to have experiences that further the expansion for Source Energy, which is why you are never denied anything. Knowing that should bring you some Peace, Solace, and enthusiasm for what is to come.

We are so tuned-in to the Human Collective Consciousness at this point that we are fully aware of the many reasons for your requests to us and of the requests made to your Guides and Higher Selves, Source and to anyone who will listen. We know that assistance is always on the way, and that some of you are aware of the assistance coming, however, because of your requests we know some of you feel as though you are missing out on the assistance coming.

We are reassuring you that we will always find a way to assist you. Your Guides, your Higher Selves, Over-Souls, and all the other Beings who are responsible for the successful completion of this journey on planet Earth are also orchestrating events and circumstances in your lives so that 'one way or another' you will receive the help that you have asked for, and for the assistance you have not yet asked for. Understand, you could not be more supported than you are, and by acknowledging that you have that support, makes it easier for your support team to do what they can and will do to assist you.

This is why practicing Gratitude and Appreciation are so important. When you give thanks and gratitude to those you must thank, you are acknowledging to all the helpers, of all the help that they have given. That acknowledgement relaxes you and opens you up to receive. You may think that if you are thankful, then the benevolent Beings will appreciate your thankfulness so much, that they will give you more, however, that is not how it works 'here', however, it is how it works 'there'. All you are required to do is Surrender control and know that you do not have to do it all, and you automatically begin receiving more assistance for whatever you are struggling with in your life experience.

When you are told by Mentors and Beings to 'let go', they are not only telling you to 'let go' of your attachments and judgments, but also for you to 'let go' of the idea that you must do it all yourselves and to control everything. And when you 'let go' and 'surrender' you can sit back and enjoy the journey, the ride more. Recognise that often problems solve themselves and people show up out nowhere to be of help, and yet your imagination could not have possibly conjured them up and you did not even know that they existed. Sometimes helpers will take physical form, because of prompting that they receive from you, for them to reach out to you or to offer their assistance in your time of need.

Understand that you do not have to do it all yourselves, or have it all worked out, however, by you acknowledging that you have asked for that help, help is on the way. When you acknowledge that you have so many helpers around you, then you receive, and you can receive more than you could possibly imagine. Recognise that your role is to experience and then receive the assistance.

As we have said many times before, you as the Awakened Collective are the leaders of Humanity, and you do not require having a huge following on social media, or anywhere else, in-order to lead. What does matter, is what each one of you does in the privacy of your own home, with your eyes closed, as it all adds up. You are responsible for the Co-Creation of the new breed of a Human Being.

Most of you are doing this work quietly, humbly and because you want to feel better. You are becoming more, by the fact that You exist, and this is the time of Ascension for Humanity. Those of you who know that and want to Consciously do it, are making the bigger strides forward. You understand you are capable of leading others by your example, through the Vibration that you emit and from the Templates that you Create. Regardless, of whether anyone knows it or not, you are creating new blueprints for your fellow Humans.

It is a privilege and honour for you to take Humanity to that next level and you have the opportunity to do it 'your way'. There is no one's owner manual to follow, you get to make it up as you go along. You have the opportunity to decide what is important, in terms of Spiritual Evolution. However, it will always be an inside job, always something that you do by looking within yourselves, by feeling for what is there, and by 'activating' more of what you 'want' to experience. When you acknowledge that there is something that is not quite right inside of you, you Grow in your ability to Forgive, Love and Feel Compassion.

You do not achieve it by focusing on making others wrong, that they are bad and need to be stopped. It is always by looking inside of yourself for the next step forward that you will take, to Create that 'momentum' for the Human Collective, and you will continue to add more to the Consciousness of Humankind. And even if the individuals do not yet realise it, it is a Consciousness that is ready to move forward. It is going to happen, and if you are already awake, you are the ones leading the way. We suggest that you do so by 'looking within' yourselves first and then emerging from your cocoon to raising the bar for the new version of the Human Being, Co-Created by you all together.

For those who are having a more challenging time in existence, we have so much Love and Admiration and seeing you suffering and struggling expands our ability to Feel Compassion and to offer Love. We do not feel burdened by this, and we do not feel responsible for you, however, we do wish to assist you. We do not assist you out of a sense of guilt because we know that we have just chosen a different path for our existence at this time.

And we know that someday we will be in your shoes, and you will be in our nonphysical ones, helping us. We do what we do, because we are sensitive and because we know how we want to Feel. And we know that someday the situation will be reversed, and we will be in your shoes, and you will be in our non-physical ones assisting us. Humans do not always have the same knowing that we have, that there is always something that we can do about 'how we feel' and we have observed Humans often choose to escape what they have been feeling, in-order to Feel better, this is not the path that you want to take.

There is no judgment with what you choose to do or not do, as ultimately, all paths lead back to Source. However, to really Feel better, then it must be something you are doing from 'within' yourselves. Those of you who are sensitive have the toughest time existing there on Earth during this transitional period, because everything must surface for you, and when it does, you must Feel it and Feel it strongly.

When we witness you in those moments, we do Feel you tugging at our Compassion, and we Feel ourselves Expanding and our Expansion also helps you. We love experiencing your Expansion for a variety of reasons. We can feel your progress and know you are succeeding, doing better, and getting better, and we know this by feeling for your Expansion and your Expansion is constant.

Those of you who are sensitive also have the best chance of taking the expansion that is available to you in every moment of your lives. You know that you can call out to us when you want assistance, that we will be there for you because we have nothing else to do. We love to help you and witness you Growing, Evolving, and Ascending, which is what you are doing all the time.

We do not discriminate, nor hold back, all we ask is that you take a few moments to relax, open-up and raise your Vibration high enough so that your Frequency is such that you are able to 'receive us' and what it is that we offer. This is also true of anything that you wish to experience there on Earth. We have noticed that you are good at asking for what you want and defining what it is, fine tuning it even further, however, you do not have the same dedication or patience when it comes to 'receiving' what you have asked for.

This is why being 'present in the moment' and looking for what brings you Joy will always place you in a better position for Manifestation. When you are looking around at the external World thinking about what you do not have, what you have not manifested yet and why that means your life is so unenjoyable, then you tend to experience more of that, because like a closed fist, you are closing yourself off to what is coming to you. You need to be more like the open hand which can receive, and when your hand is open, that generally means you are relaxed and at ease. You can also be in 'appreciation' of the 'possibility' for what you want to Manifest. The mere fact that the possibility exists could place you in a state of Excitement, Joy, Eagerness, and positive Anticipation.

You can manifest so much more easily if you can Trust and have Faith that everything you Create is coming to you, than placing your Focus on why it has not happened yet, where you might be blocked, and so on. It is yours because you have created it, however, you must FEEL in 'alignment with it in-order for it to appear in your Reality. That means you must BE of the Vibration of what you have created to go to the Reality where it is, because you are traveling through different Realities all the time with your Consciousness, and you are in that 'state of creation' all the time. Although it may seem that you are sitting perfectly still, waiting for something to come to you, in actuality, you are traveling from Reality to Reality, and each Reality is a match to the Vibration you have been offering.

When we tell you to 'go within', we are talking about 'tuning-in' to your Vibration, which means paying attention to' how you Feel', with the knowing that what does and does not happen in your life, is determined by your Vibration, this knowing should be enough to get you to care enough to do something about it. What we mean by something about it, is to 'acknowledge' it, acknowledge what you have been feeling. Accept that this is how you feel and then be willing to sit with it and FEEL it. Breathe into it, give your full attention and 'allow' it to BE what it is, while you seek to Feel more of it, or less of it. Recognise, Validate, Feel and Choose again.

Releasing the emotion by allowing it to surface, takes the charge away that it has. It takes away the power that this negative feeling has had over you. Now your relationship to it has changed, so you can 'let it go'. It no longer is what you are ashamed of, in denial of or afraid of, it just IS. Change can occur when you can 'allow' what IS to just BE and it is when movement forward takes place.

You are there to change YOU first, and then you can change the World. First you must change your inner World, then you can help others, and then you will see the world 'outside of you' that is a reflection of the change you have made within yourself. YOU get to decide how you want to Feel, once you allow and release what you have been feeling that has not been serving you. Once you understand that you have that power, then you do not even have to be patient for what you have created, because you are Happy, Content and at Peace. Living in the world you are living in right now, those states of being, are enough. ---

You are essentially shifting your Consciousness from within, by noticing that you are 'more than' the identity that you had previously clung to as the real you. As you now transition from being an egoic Being to being your Higher Self, this place you are in now is the most interesting and fascinating to those of us who observe this process of Evolution.

We witness you as an energy that Vibrates, rather than as a Human body that Speaks, Thinks and Acts and see you becoming more of Who You Are every day. The raising of your Vibration is inevitable because your planet is shifting, just as the entire Solar System moves through the Galaxy to something more magnificent. It is a time for you to be looking at yourselves in new ways, seeing the eternal expansion of your Consciousness to include more of the sense of Self that you previously had.

You are meant to Grow and Become, and the process of your Evolution is through the realisation that nothing else really matters. That is why you experience loss, breakups, loss of money, home, possessions and even your youth. The longer you move through time and space there on Earth, the more you continue to lose that which eventually assists you in coming to Peace with the fact that you were never meant to cling to these illusions in the physical, in the first place. It was something that you were taught to do. You were taught to identify as a race, religion, nationality, gender and so on, and to the Awakened Collective those things are becoming less important.

People who are still clinging want you to also cling as they do. They want you to have national pride, a religion, an easily identifiable gender, and so on. The way of the Ego is to cling, to attach, to assign meaning to the meaningless, and the way of the Higher Self is to 'be present', not to care about form, about structures, about ideas that are made up, like a country, and instead, to be more unconditional Love, to show more Compassion, and to create from the beauty that is all around the Higher Self.

Right now you are in this transitional phase where you are stripping away the identities of the Ego in-order to become your Higher Self and this is essentially what you expect to do after you Ascend and those of you who have done much of that work can begin to identify as your Higher Self right now. There is no event or solar flash and so on, to wait for. Again, there is no need for you to wait for any of it to occur outside of you, in-order for you to decide that you want to identify as an infinite, eternal, formless being of Light and Love.

As you make your expressions about that feeling that you have cultivated within yourself, you light up to others, and then others will be more interested in you, than what is happening with external events, and they will want you to them how to find that place inside where they too can have inner Peace and a sense of satisfaction from just existing. This is why we continually say that as the Awakened Collective, you are leading Humanity.

We can see how the shift will continue to unfold and it will be a grass roots movement where all of you who are 'paying attention' to what is going on 'inside of you' will lead the newly awakened 'back inside themselves' to where everything that they need already exists. And as you do, you help the Collective of Humanity move from an Egoic one to one that exists as a Collective and then you will experience the completion of the shift.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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