Ascension Messages

Happiness is the Way

We want you to know that this is a time when more of the truth will be revealed, and through the revelation of so many different truths, you will have a deeper and clearer understanding of who and what you really are. Those of you who are a part of the Awakened Collective know that you are so much more than your Physical Bodies, that you are so much more than this one Human lifetime and so much more than your Mind and Thoughts.

Most individuals do not understand that they are also a part of a larger family. You are a part of a Galactic Family and a Galactic Community and more evidence of that will be found as you continue living and evolving in this year of 2023. More people will know and be aware of the things that are being uncovered and revealed. Your Consciousness will grow naturally after more truths are revealed which will enable you as a Society to change your concept of Self.

The more that is revealed, the more that is uncovered and the more undeniable the truth becomes of your history. And as you Awaken to that knowing of Who You Really Are as Galactic Beings, it then becomes easier for you All to accept the most important truth of all, which is, that you are Source Energy Beings. When you go beyond the idea of yourselves as lowly Humans and only having a singular lifetime on Earth, it then becomes possible for the Mind to expand into that knowing, that we are all One, and that one, is Source.

Because of your readiness for more of these findings to occur, they will occur, and as a result you will have exponential growth. There has been continued contact for those ready to receive it, but it has been on a Personal level. However, for those changes to occur on a Global level, change is required 'within the Consciousness' of Humans before the changes can be seen in the Physical Realm.

You have demonstrated that you are ready for it and for those that are a part of the Awakened Collective what will be revealed to you will not be shocking or surprising. You will, however, start to see more people showing their 'acceptance' of these truths which will assist you to feel more comfortable in the next phase of your evolution of Consciousness.

We know that the more encouragement you get from above, the easier it becomes for you to take the Path that will bring you the most Joy and the most ease on the remainder of your Ascension journeys. Not everyone who is a part of the Awakened Collective will have the exact same experiences moving forward, because you are all different and you are all meant to have different experiences for Source.

However, this Ascension experience of yours will be unequalled and significant, in terms of all your other experiences, from all your other lifetimes in this Universe. The biggest leap forward that you can make is moving from 3rd to 4th Density and then to the 5th Density in a single Physical Lifetime and you are doing this. As a 5th Density Being there will be no suffering and everything that you want, or need is available to you.

The experiences of hardships and challenges you are having now are because you are Co-Creating the experience of the 5th Density. You are asking for what it is you want to experience, and it is being created and held for you in that Realm. The paradox is, that you are living in a different Realm than the 5th Density and yet, the 5th Density is within you. You are meant to go beyond the capacity of what your Mind can understand, by experiencing that which you cannot solve.

It is through your inability to solve something that you will eventually give up and Surrender, and it is in the 'Surrendering' that you are able to take a Quantum Leap forward. All Quantum Leaps that you have scheduled for yourselves come in those moments of 'letting go' when you come from Surrender. You are meant to fail in certain areas of your lives, so that you will Surrender and by Surrendering, you 'let go' of your attachments and 'allow in' the Spiritual experiences. While you may not manifest everything that you have ever wanted for yourself in this Physical Body, in this Density, you will however, manifest some things that you want along the way.

Once you cross the threshold of Consciousness there is much for you to look forward to. Through your experiences we are learning so much from you and by your communications with us, and using the data we collect enables us to understand what the best Timelines are for you. We are sending out an invitation to All of you to join Us as we shine a light on those Timelines, while holding space for you. You are always moving toward transforming yourself into the next Highest Version of yourself. We sense within so many of the Awakened Collective a readiness to 'let go' and there is no need to wait any longer. Now is the time and you are ready to take the next step towards Ascension.

We want you to know that the Energies we have been Co-Creating with others for you, are uniquely tailored to bring you exactly what you need in-order to move to the next level of Consciousness. Everyone is taking steps forward in their Spiritual Evolution, no matter how it may seem, and every so often, you Feel that you are ready to go another level that enables you to access different entities and experiences. Also, you are always seeking to access more of your true and whole Selves, and you do that by 'going within', however, going within ultimately must result in you 'going outside' and interacting with the real World.

You must be able to take that Inner Peace found in your Meditative state and bring it to the World in which you live. If you get caught up in the chaos, then living in the World can seem chaotic. If you are not maintaining that Higher Vibration while interacting with other people and going to other places, it may seem you are too sensitive to this World and for this World. And this is why you are accumulating more data as you continue your inward journeys.

You are at present discovering how to access the 'state of Being' and 'Vibration' you want to be in, while interacting with someone who is perhaps low, depressed, or angry. Feel the mood of the room upon entering it and ascertain what Vibration you want to hold. That then becomes something you do every time you are interacting with anyone, at any time. Monitor the Vibration you want to Be, regardless of what is happening outside of you or who you may be interacting with at any given moment and do not allow the room or situation to affect you.

You need to be able to gage what Vibration you are holding when interacting with others and not allow the room or situation to affect you. If you allow others to decide the mood of the room or situation, then you are allowing someone else to take that Inner Peace away from you. Which then you must be required to clear by 'letting go' of what you need to 'let go' of. You are taking on more and more challenges so that your growth can be exponential, so that you can see the results that you want to see and feel within you.

How you Feel inside is showing you how you are doing as an individual. You will not see immediate results in the outside World, as it takes time and practice on your part, to see the outer reflection of the work you have been doing in accessing your Joy, Peace and the Love that you truly are. Allow this process time and give others time also to catch up and reflect that Vibration to you. Venture into the outside World to discover where more of your 'inner work' is still required, then you will discover that there is more 'letting go' to do. By removing all your resistance, fear, and judgments, all that is left is the unconditional Love that you truly are.

Your Goal and Purpose for this lifetime has always been that. By Feeling Happy first, allows you to receive the 'inspiration' to do something that will bring you more Joy, that then allows you to Feel more Freedom, Confidence, Creativity, and everything else that you want to experience there while in your Physical Body. Enjoy the process, let go of all your fears, judgments, and anything else that is preventing you from being your Whole Self, as you are Ascending.

By choosing to place yourself on the highest Timeline for your Ascension your journey will be Joyful. When you operate as your Whole Self you are of Service, not only to yourself but also to others. We understand that some of you are still waiting for those gifts and abilities to come to you, however, by just having that intention, desire and commitment is enough for now. Know that these abilities will come to you in the perfect 'way and timing' when you live your lives in Joy and once you are Joyful you will want to share with those around you who will benefit from them.

There is nothing more exciting, satisfying and fulfilling than doing work that you know uplifts others and every one of you will have that opportunity. We have seen an increase of people making an effort to live in greater Harmony with one another by 'choosing' not to disagree with those around you, or trying not to convince the other person that you are right, and they are wrong. Unity and Oneness is the ultimate Goal there on Earth and not the division of who is right and who is wrong.

In-order for E.T.s to Feel comfortable landing their ships on your soil, you need to be Unified, you need Unity Consciousness to achieve Inner Peace and raise your Vibration, that grants you access to your Spiritual gifts and abilities. To join the Galactic Community, you need to connect with your E.T. Family and that 'sense of Oneness' is needed for you to Ascend. For those wanting to hold onto being 'right' more than being Kind and Compassionate, we suggest that you can at least strive for 'Acceptance of others' to 'make a different choice', or 'have different thoughts' about a subject, and then you can take a step closer to Harmony there on Earth.

You must allow everyone to Be where they are, as we must allow all of you to Be where you are. True Spiritual growth and evolution comes from you being able to Love each other, despite your differences. You have been evolving on your World because people have been willing to Forgive and Forget and the Awakened Collect must lead by example even though some may still be holding onto some beliefs.

Your beliefs do not make you worthy of Ascension. It is an idea that you are meant to transcend at this time. What keeps you on the Ascension Path is Compassion, as well as Forgiveness and unconditional Love. These are the times that bring you those opportunities to offer Forgiveness, Feel Compassion, and to Be unconditional Love. Those of you who know this already and are practicing these truths that we are giving you, allow others to know that this is where you stand.

Allow everyone to see your acts of Kindness, your acts of Service, and your willingness to see everyone else as your equal, regardless of what they believe and regardless of what they choose for themselves. The great divide amongst most Humans is ultimately caused by fear and not prejudice, as that comes later. It is not even revenge, as that comes from fear that whoever hurt you could hurt you again. Fear is at the root of all divisiveness.

Show this World and everyone on it just how Powerful you are by 'not giving in' to fear, instead, embrace your fellow Humans no matter what. You will move out of these trying times once you see the Source and the Love within each and every one of your fellow Humans and you will move into the age of Enlightenment. And then your Ascension Journey will continue with more Joy, Freedom, and Love than ever before.

You need to have your cellular memory Awareness awakened within you in-order to take the 'leap forward' that you are taking. We are referring to the 'leap forward' from having a mortal, carbon-based vehicle to an immortal, crystalline-based vehicle. When you first Awakened, what should have amazed you was the idea that you are Source Energy Beings and that is much more significant than what famous person you may have been in a past life.

To accept your Divinity means to accept your Immortality, and we do understand that it takes time for a belief like this one to really take hold within the Consciousness of a Human Being who sees death around them and wonders how anyone could become immortal without some sort of magic. However, it is Consciousness and not magic. It is a way of knowing yourselves as having transcended the Physical, while still maintaining a Physical form.

When you stop seeing your Physicality as your true Self or ultimate Self, it then becomes easier to use the Body as the vehicle for your Soul which it was always intended to be. You do not need to do anything in-order to make all this happen, however, you do need to change your Perception of Self and others and your Perception of Reality. You need to shift what you 'know' to be finite to the Infinite.

We suggest that you seek out the Feeling of Infinity within you, your true Eternal nature as a Vibration and then watch yourself transform before your very own eyes. This is because all of this is inevitable, however, to place yourselves on the fast route you only need to Accept it, or you can take the slow route to your immortality, and whichever you choose, you are destined to arrive.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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