Ascension Messages

You are Co-Creating a Better Future, that already EXISTS

Greetings, we are Light Workers from beneath the surface of the Earth and we are pleased to connect with you.

Reach to us in your Thoughts and we reach to you, as we turn each other on in a great blase of Light. In Telos we restore lost limbs, know that in Telos we have the capacity of Healing all imaginable illness and we can replace severed limbs and organs. We work primarily with the Etheric Body to restore lost limbs and body parts. It is easy to do once you understand the Universal Laws of Creation. If your organs have been removed, if you have a limb severed in an accident, they can be restored in your Physical Body again, they always remain in your Etheric Blue-Print.

You never really loose anything in life. All is in safe keeping until you rise in Consciousness and understand the Divine Laws of Creation, use of the Astral Projection and Telepathy.

We are your brothers and sisters, living below the surface of your Earth and are here to Help you and Work with you. We also 'receive instructions' from the Spiritual Hierarchy who are involved in the process of Ascension, just as you are, we are all gathered here speaking to you. We come forth now, this day with a Message to you from the great city of Telos, located beneath your surface.

This great city shimmers in the light of day as you Know it on your Earth. It shimmers and glows with the Light from above with the Creator Light that envelops us all, as we live beneath your surface. We are engaged in many of the same activities as you on the surface. We do the same kinds of 'things' and we ask the same types of 'questions'. We have the same kinds of concerns, we have the same kinds of Thoughts, only our Thoughts are slightly elevated, as we have the good fortune of being surrounded by and being in the midst of, the Great Central Sun. For we are 'connected' in our Thoughts to the Great Central Sun, to the Great Light of the Creator-of-All.

Our Thoughts carry us to distant places, our Thoughts take us to wherever we project them, as we are Conscious of our Thoughts, carefully projecting them out to wherever we wish to be. We have learned this method of Astral Projection and we practice it daily. Some of us are here with you now, in our Consciousness, as we have Astral Projected to your location, where this Message is taking place.

If you Feel a certain Presence, 'Know' that it is 'Us' and we carry forth Love from Telos. We wish you to Know that we greet you nightly as you visit us in Telos. You call to us to enter, and we receive you, we always Receive you and we always Hear your calls. Whenever you want to visit us, just call to us nightly before going to sleep and we will receive you. We receive all that call, we are a training Ground here in Telos. We are a Training Ground to those Beings who wish to learn from us. The information we have is for all and we are eager to impart 'all of our learnings' that we have sacredly preserved throughout the Generations for just such a Time as this, when we can now 'share; it openly with you.

This will be a Time when we can share it with you openly in your Etheric Bodies, openly soon as we will be bringing forth to the surface and we have much to share with you, for we have preserved all of the Sacred Learnings of the Past. We have preserved all of the Technologies, we have preserved all that will make the Earth clean, pure and beautiful again and so we are so pleased to be working with you as you never work alone, Know that. We are so Grateful to be teamed up with you and so Grateful to you for recognising the Great Part that we will be playing on your Earth's Journey towards the Light. We are aglow with Happiness and Joy to be with you today and we Thank You for making our existence Known in your part of the World.

Your Thoughts allow us to communicate with you, your Thoughts enter our Energy Field and Vibrate to our wavelength, where we become Aware of your Presence and then Tune-In using our Receptors that capture your Thoughts. We are very good at this, since we have been practicing 'receiving' Telepathic Messages from the surface for Eons of Time. We use Telepathy to Tune into your surface to monitor areas that we deem important to the Planets Well-Being. Your Planet is under siege now, so to speak. The Dark Forces are being turned back and the Light is rapidly spreading around the Globe. The Darkness is on the retreat and receding daily, as this occurs more, more of your surface population are Awakening to the Light and are beginning to see their Lives in a New Perspective.

We Thank You for Anchoring the Light in your area, we Thank You for the Light as it glows from You and it radiates to all around you and it reflects on the Heavens above You. We leave you for now and Thank You for carrying and anchoring the Light.

So, keep up the Hope of a Good, of a New Day Dawning, for it shall indeed be so, as we are here in Telos, Know we send you LOVE and LIGHT from Telos.

Greetings, we are Arcturians and are pleased to connect with you.

We are always in the process of 'Creating', and we 'Know' that we are. We Know that Creation is a natural 'by product' of Existence. When you Do anything, or Experience anything, you are in the Act of Creation, because Consciously or Sub-Consciously, you are Thinking that what you are Experiencing is something you would want more of, or you would want to Experience the opposite of what is happening in your life, in that moment. Creation is not only happening when you are seeking it out. When you 'Intentionally Create', then of course, you get very detail-oriented about what you want to Experience, but when you Sub-Consciously Create, you can be putting out a vague message that is the equivalent of, 'something better than this, please!'

You have so many Creations out there, so many Realities that you have constructed, and it is easy to forget that. It is easy for you to 'think' that you are at the bottom floor, that you are working with rudimentary tools, or that you are starting from scratch with only what you have available to you, in the moment. The Truth is, you have so many Creations out there already that what you are mostly doing now is fine-tuning. You are able to continue working on any Creation of yours, just as a great painter can put down the brush at any time, but then, they can pick it up again and continue.

This is another reason why we find it so curious that People are constantly looking for 'predictions' about the Future, and we also find it odd that an Awakened Person can 'believe' that there is 'one Reality', and that Reality is something that neither one of you is Experiencing, but they are 'convinced' that it 'exists' and it is 'affecting' you and everyone else. If you do not like a Reality that you hear about, do not then 'expect' that because it is coming towards you, that you 'must' Experience it. Instead, use that Reality you have been told about, to get clearer about 'what you want' to Experience, especially if it is the polar opposite of what you have been told is the 'inevitable Future' for you and All of Humankind.

You Know when you are Creating something you want, by how you Feel, and you Know when you are Creating something you will not enjoy, by how you Feel, and it really is that simple. If you consider yourself to be a Seeker of Truth, we would advise you to Change that to, 'One who wants to Create a better Truth, a better Reality for everyone.' You 'can and do' Create those better Realities, but you have to BELEIVE in them and BELEIVE in yourselves, in order to eventually EXPERIENCE them.

We are fortunate in that we get to Experience what we Create 'immediately', whereas, you have to TRUST. You have to have Faith and you have to Surrender and 'Let Go' in order to 'Let In' all of your beautiful Creations and more. And yes, there is always more, because you are not the only one Creating. You have many Co-Creators working with you for the better Future for All of Humanity that most people seek at this time.

We have the ability to share a Perspective with one of you on one topic and to have a different Perspective with that same person on another topic, and we do not see ourselves as having a different ideology than the person in question. We do not have to share one hundred percent of our Perspective with any of you to see you all as being on our side, our team. We Know that you all disagree on so much at this time that you are seen as a very polarized Society, and you can 'draw a line' in the sand with someone else with whom you disagree on one topic.

One subject is all it takes to start thinking in terms of 'us versus them', and you do this even when you realise that you have not always held the same Perspective on every topic throughout your entire life. Therefore, it is important, that you recognise that a Person's Beliefs 'do not' define who 'they are'. You 'are not defined' by your Thoughts or your Ideas either. If you were to be that critical of yourself and judge yourself based on every single Thought that runs through your Consciousness, you would be even harder on yourselves than you already are. And so, we suggest that you stop doing this.

We suggest that you stop 'drawing those lines' in the sand and you start coming together on the topics you can come together on. We suggest that you recognise that you All Feel the same Emotions. You all have had very similar Experiences at one time or another, and when you recognise that you have more in common as Human Beings, that is when you can start to get close to the 'time' that you are all headed towards, a 'time' where you will Know yourselves as A Collective. You want to Focus on what removes the 'illusion of separation' and you can only do that when you make a Conscious effort 'to do so'.

The ones who you disagree with on those 'hot-button' topics are probably not going to be the ones who attempt to see the Humanity in you and look for that 'common ground'. It is going to be those of you who are Awake, who at least 'attempt' to come together with the rest of your Fellow Humans, so you can 'act as A Collective' and so that you can 'receive' Extra-Terrestrial Beings as a Unified Whole. Let go of the Idea that someone else's 'beliefs' are what 'define' that Person, and you will begin to cut yourself 'more slack' as well. You will realise that you do not have to be perfect in order to be a Person who 'means well' and who wants what is best for 'everyone'.

You can cut those other People some slack as well and recognise that they too BELIEVE that they are on the side of 'good'. And when you recognise that desire in another to 'be good', you can see the Divinity in that Person, and that is what Humanity needs more than anything else. You need to see the Divinity in 'yourselves' and 'others', so that you can start treating each other as Divine Beings of Light and Love.

We are so very interested in watching you Evolve Spiritually and seeing what works for you in your lives, because we Know that if something works for Humans on Planet Earth, then it will most certainly work for other Beings in other parts of the Galaxy. You all have so many teachings, processes, exercises, techniques, and Spiritual Practices to Help you along on your Path, and then you also just have the living of your lives. The living of your lives will cause you to Grow just because you have Experiences there on Earth that are so unique and so taxing on you, that you cannot help, but Evolve from them.

This is a Time for you All to be 'embracing every moment' that you have there because you do Know that you are Ascending. Therefore, everything then must be about your Ascension, and we Know that it is. We will continue to tell you that everything is about taking you to the next Level of your Consciousness Evolution, and we Know that some of you are taking the Path of 'least resistance' to your Ascension Event. You are not worried, and you are not stressed; you are not afraid, and you are not angry. You are just 'wide open' to life as it is in this moment on Earth, and when you are 'wide open', you get what we and others like us are giving you Energetically.

You are also more likely to receive an Upgrade or an Activation, and that is not because we are Choosing those who are more open and relaxed. It is because you need to 'unclench' your fist, in order to 'receive' with an open hand, and the same is true with your Energy. Therefore, what we have noticed works for Humans, is ACCEPTANCE. If you can Surrender and Let Go, you can be on that leading edge of Ascension that you want to be on, but if you keep looking for how 'they' are trying to stop you from Ascending, then you will keep finding more evidence to support that 'Belief', and you will keep finding more people to throw into the category of 'they' and 'them,' and your list of enemies can keep growing on a daily basis, if that is your approach to Spirituality.

We Know that it is hard to Let Go, and we Know it is hard to take your 'Attention off' the Dark Ones, but it really is a Reality that you do not have to Experience yourselves. And as you make your Life and your Spirituality an inward Journey, then it truly does not matter what anyone else is doing. When you reach Inner Peace and you radiate LOVE to everyone in the Universe, you will then truly begin to Transform others around you. And that will be immensely satisfying.

We have been taking all the time in the World to 'release ourselves' from the bondage of Limitation, Limitation that keeps us in our current Density. We have been going about it in the slow, deliberate, methodical way that we have, because we enjoy the Journey so much, and we want to FEEL every last bit of 'release' as we Let Go of all that is required to keep us in this Density. The way that you all are shifting is similar, but it is also different, in that most people are not Choosing to go about the 'shedding' of their layers in the same 'intentional' way, that we are.

Instead, many of you FEEL trapped in your Density or stuck Emotionally, or in other aspects of your lives, and we understand how frustrating that can be, because we witness you day after day, moment after moment even, seeking to break free. However, if you can 'settle in' and set the 'Intention' every day, that "you are going to enjoy the ride", then you can 'embrace' everything that comes up for you.

Every little challenge that you face, can be seen through the eyes of a Being who 'enjoys challenges', and if you 'enjoy growth', then you 'enjoy challenges'. It is important for all of you, to 'discover' something about life there on Earth and your life specifically, so that you can also enjoy the 'relief' of making even the tiniest bit of progress on your Journey.

When you realise that YOU set it all up, that everything in your life is something that YOU decided to take on, that can help. And if you can Let Go of the Idea that you are trapped, or you are stuck, or you are being punished, then you can see how much there is for you in your current life Experience, and you can begin to 'notice' the little things about life on Earth that are worth sticking around for. We know that it is hard and that most people decide at one time or another throughout the course of their lives, that they would like to leave, but we also see the triumphs, and we see the progress, and we notice you all are becoming so better at being Human.

We want you to take the same Joy that we do in the gradual 'peeling off' the layers, because at the end of all of this, you will be able to' look back' at your Ascension and say to yourself, 'I did that. It was hard; there were not many rewards along the way, and yet, I hung in there and I did it.' It will be something to feel very good about once you are firmly planted in the 5th Density.

We are looking into many of the possible Futures for Humanity at this Time and we are doing so with a great degree of excitement, because we can see how you have been able to Create these Timelines very Consciously, with all that you have been asking for, as a result of this pandemic. Now, different people have been asking for different aspects of a better Future for all, and this is how you unwittingly work together, despite your differences. What each of you prioritises is different, and those priorities cause you to Focus in a different way from someone who is in your same family group, and you are certainly maintaining different priorities from your neighbours and co-workers, your friends and acquaintances.

Putting all of those priorities together, gives you a better 'Collective Future' than you could imagine 'all by yourself'. You get to 'benefit' from what someone you do not know at all, who lives on the other side of the World, is dreaming about in their Concept of a 'better tomorrow'. So many people have been going without something that they Love over the past year and a half there on Earth, and the desires that have been accessed, as a result of what you have been living, are enormous in comparison to all that you were 'desiring' before this all got started.

The better Futures that you are Co-Creating already exist, and now it is your Time to 'align' with them. That means it is Time to 'go beyond' who you Feel is 'responsible' for the life you are living right now, and you need to 'go beyond' the Fears that People are coming up with about the Future for Humanity. If you can lower your resistance long enough to Focus on what you 'have Co-Created', we promise you, everyone who does so, will be more than satisfied. You will be elated at what you are moving towards at this Time. You have done the hard work and the heavy lifting of 'living' through this Time, and now, you have the 'opportunity' to reap the Rewards, to reap your own Creations. It is so much easier than you 'think' it is to do so.

You just have to Let Go of what you are pushing against right now, and 'open up' to these Realities that are right there, right in front of you, and ripe for the picking. You All should Know, because you have been waiting and waiting for something to Change, for things to get better, and they will because they always do. However, it can all come to you so much more quickly and with less struggle, if you simply 'align' with the Future that you have All Co-Created for life on Planet Earth, a life that 'everyone' will be able to 'agree is better' than the one you were living before the pandemic began.

We are always very pleased to witness one of you in a moment of 'self-examination', even if you do not like what you see within yourself in that particular moment. AWARENESS is so huge, and it is something that many People only have when 'someone else' is telling them about one of their traits, one of their habits, or an aspect of their Personality. Then often the response is to feel hurt, betrayed, attacked, and to go on the defensive, which usually turns into an offensive. Therefore, those of you who are 'willing' to examine yourselves and be honest and truthful about what you find, ARE taking the Consciousness of Humanity to that next Level, because you ARE willing to Change.

You can make a decision to Change and still have your hurdles and stumbling blocks, that may be for a variety of reasons, however, what is important is that you keep going back to that 'Desire' and that 'Intention' to become more of 'who you are', to become closer to SOURCE, a Being of Unconditional LOVE. You do not have to be 'perfect' to be SOURCE, however, you 'do want' to be able to admit all aspects of yourself are Real and that some of them do need addressing.

This is a Time to be very 'open and honest' with yourselves, because you can Change more quickly than ever before. We recently told you that Manifestation will be happening more quickly, and when we say something like that, most of you think in terms of what is coming to you from the 'external World', like a job, a partner, a home, physical health, and so on. However, we are talking also about You the Being, the Soul, the Essence, the One who gives birth to the Desire in the first place. You are a Manifestation. Your Level of Inner Peace and Harmony is a Manifestation.

Therefore, it is a good time to be very 'truthful' with yourself about the aspects you would like to see some further Evolution in, and you can be imperfect, because that also gives you the opportunity to be Unconditionally Loving with yourself. Now is not the Time to be in Denial, not that there ever is a good time to be in denial. However, certainly when you can make such gigantic leaps forward in 'who and what you are', you do not want to stay 'stuck in the mud' out of an 'unwillingness' to 'examine yourself' with truthful eyes.

Just having the Desire to 'improve' is something to Feel very good about. If you want to be a 'better' Human Being, Kinder, more Thoughtful and Caring, more Loving and Giving and so on, then you are already on your way to becoming All of those things and more. As we said at the very beginning, we feel so much Joy when we see One of You, even attempting to become better through 'self-examination'. Of course, you have our support and the support of so many others at this time and all the time that you seek to Evolve and to become closer to being your Higher Self, there in the flesh.

You are all getting closer and closer every single day, but those of you who are doing it on 'purpose' are leading the rest of Humankind and that is something to feel very good about, right now.


The better Futures that you are Co-Creating already exist, and now it is your Time to 'align' with them. That means it is Time to 'go beyond' who you Feel is 'responsible' for the life you are living right now, and you need to 'go beyond' the Fears that People are coming up with about the Future for Humanity.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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