Ascension Messages

YOU must Change to Create Change

We continue to recognise Humanity's role being played out in this Ascension Journey for the entire Universe, and we are not alone in that recognition. Many Beings and Collectives also look upon you as the pioneers, the ones who will take Us All to a much more 'expanded version' of Reality because of what you have agreed to endure. We look upon you with such a sense of pride, and we are proud of you because we see you making progress every day towards the realisation that you are Co-Creating the Universe.

And one of the ways that you get there, one of the ways that you 'expand exponentially' is through laughter. Laughter connects you to other people who are laughing at the same thing, at the same time. Laughter indicates a commonality of Experience, an acknowledgement that something funny is happening in your existence, in the Human condition. You need to laugh and many of you know that but do nothing about it, while some of you recognise that and seek to find that which makes you laugh.

You are seeking expansion, relief, release, and often there is as much profundity found in comedy as there is in drama. You all benefit from seeking that which makes you smile, laugh, that makes you feel good, and reminds you that being Human gives you much to laugh about. You can also seek out an inner smile, an inner laughter as well as seeking Inner Peace, and you can seek to Be in a state of Unconditional Love. This is something to consider and play with. You will find that you lighten up with laughter and joy and then you will not take everything so seriously, instead, you go with the flow.

Through Letting Go, you create 'Expansion' in your lives. When you can laugh at yourself and stop trying so hard, that is when you have mastered that 'moment in time' and that 'moment in your life'. Your lives are a 'series of moments' that give you opportunities to enjoy life, to enjoy 'something' about the World you are living in. Give others the gift of Laughter whenever you can, show others life is not to be taken too seriously and by staying in the 'feeling of Joy' is the fastest way to the 5th Density. And so, we invite you to choose the Path of Joy.

We are illuminating a Path for our Ascension because we enjoy creating our Reality, even though from your perspective, it must seem incredibly easy to do so when in a 9th Density, as a Non-Physical Collective. The truth is, we just enjoy the process. We have no doubt and no fear, nor wondering whether we are doing it right or not, therefore, we have much enjoyment bringing 'something' into fruition, that makes us more efficient and effective Creators with more fun.

We are sharing this with you All because we want you to also Feel that way. Let go of your doubts, process your fears, and move forward confidently with your 'creations' and be 'certain' that they will come into fruition and that they will be even better than you could possibly imagine. You are surrounded by Co-Creative Energies that are faster and more powerful than anything you have ever worked with before there on Earth.

You can light the way for your fellow Humans, show them how it is done, explain to them how you did it and continue to do it, while reassuring them that there is much more from where those Energies came. There is no shortage when you are creating your Reality with Energy and Vibration, knowing that you can 'shift' to a different Reality and Timeline whenever you want to.

Now is the time to be Focused, to 'clean up' any negative Thoughts and lower-frequency Vibrations, so that you can be 'clear' about what it is you are 'projecting out' into the Reality you are moving into next. It is a wonderful time to be alive there on Earth because of the 'not so wonderful' times that there have been there on Earth. You have all been co-creating a much better Reality for everyone to enjoy.

All that is required is for you to have enough Faith in yourselves and in your Abilities to bring those Realities into your Experience, to match them Vibrationally. You do not do it with Thought; you do it with VIBRATION. First you must FEEL what you want to Experience and then all Vibrations are available to you, because they all exist within you. You decided to forget that Truth, so that you can remember and be amazed once again, at what beautiful and amazingly Creative Beings you truly are.

We receive such a thrill from experiencing the synergistic effect of Connectedness when synchronising our Vibration with so many other Collective's here in the 9th Density as we reach out for experiencing commonalities and togetherness. In the process we discover new Perspectives, new Ideas, new approaches to helping all of you there on Earth, which we then pass onto all of you, so that you can Feel the value of Harmonising, of coming together, of looking for the commonalities between you, so that you too can work together towards that 'common goal' of raising the Consciousness of Humanity.

Although we seek to assist you in whichever way that we can, at some point you must take over and follow our example. That is why we are sharing with you the effectiveness of 'coming together' with a 'common goal' to help those in need. From our Perspective, ALL of Humankind requires assistance, however, from your position you can see those who are in 'more need' than you, and as you have more than enough, you can assist others who may be suffering at this time. Someday soon, all of Humanity may recognise that if even one Human finds themselves without food or shelter, that you all suffer. We know that many of you have developed Compassion to Be of Service and are inspiring others.

Therefore, we urge you to search for ways that you can collaborate with your fellow Humans, to Be of Service to those who are in need, and yes, even those you disagree with. Think of the ripple effect that occurs every time one Human reaches out to help another, now imagine the 'wave of Energy' that is created when thousands of people come together for a cause, to make Change on your World, to give other's opportunities that you have always had.

We are not suggesting that you solve all the problems on Earth, and we do not want you to feel burdened by this message. We only want you to consider finding 'agreement' with those you disagree with on a number of issues on your World, where you could see eye to eye, in assisting all victims of natural disasters as that is what not only unites you, but also unites All of Us. It is important to 'acknowledge' that everyone cares about something, someone, or a group of people. Therefore, do what you can; take baby steps, and know that every little bit that you 'care' has a 'ripple effect' that will continue to build into an 'energetic' tidal wave.

Our primary purpose is to assist you become more Aware of Who You Really Are. Sometimes we remind you with words as reminders and other times it is through energy transmissions to remind you of Who You Really Are. As you receive certain transmissions you are also receiving DNA activations that assist you piece together your Galactic history, and you all have had many different roles in this Galaxy and in many other different Star Systems.

You need not know about each individual lifetime, it would be too much for any mind to handle, however, it helps you recognise that you do have a History and that you have been many other things besides being a Human on Planet Earth. It assists you in becoming more of yourself in 'every moment' of 'every day' and assists you getting there more easily and hopefully with more Joy in your Hearts. In your other experiences you have known yourselves as having abilities, gifts and powers going beyond what you see on Earth at this time. And now you are slowly climbing up the evolutionary ladder from being a Human.

For those of you that want to go home, it is because you have some of your E.T. DNA active and can sense that things were better in the Pleiadean or Arcturian Star Systems. And they were, and you are there to bring those memories to light, to bring the heavens to Earth, to merge the various Systems throughout the Galaxy so that we can be one United Galactic Community. We all benefit from what the others in our Galaxy have experienced, and all the Experiences you are having there on Earth are benefitting all of us throughout the Galaxy.

Anytime you have an encounter with a UFO or an E.T., it is to remind you of Who You Really Are and to give you an activation, to prepare you for that moment when you will officially become a part of the Galactic Community. You are there to make that shift into 5th Density, it is something for you to work towards, hope for and strive for. And everything that 'is or is not' happening in your life right now, is about igniting you to get you to exist in the 5th Density Consciousness, for you to hold that 5th Density Frequency and State of Being.

We want you to know that when you choose Love, you always 'grow'. We understand that in your World there is much discussion regards who and what the oppressors are doing, and we want you to know that all oppressors give you all an opportunity to Be Love in the face of their oppression. Their malevolence must be met with beams of Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness in-order for you to move forward. The more you fight, the more oppressors will 'rise up' to be fought. The more you Love, Forgive, and have Compassion for them, the more of them will Change.

They will Change to reflect the Change in YOU when you lay down your sword and you offer yourself up as a Being of LOVE. You make that monumental Change 'within' YOU that changes everything 'outside' of you. Now, people always wonder about the innocents and what is going to happen to them if we do not fight.

When you Change yourself, you Change everything, including the number of people being oppressed in your Reality. Therefore, if you really want to free those who are enslaved, YOU must Change, because YOU are creating all of this, and YOU are creating it so that you give yourselves the greatest number of opportunities to Grow, to Evolve, to become who and what you really are, which is, Unconditional Love.

If you want to Be of Service to Humanity, then Be Love. Always respond with Love in situations where you are challenged with hate, racism, and all kinds of agendas to separate people from one another. You must respond with Love because they will not go away while you point out their flaws or the awful things that they have done or said. You will find that they will only get louder and that more people will vote for them or follow them on social media.

Therefore, you must be the One who says, "I am the Love in the face of this hate. I am choosing Love over fear, and I am radiating Love to everyone, no matter who they are, what they have done, what they believe, and what they continue to say." This will raise your frequency and take you to the next level. Love the unlovable and the unlovable things that they do, for that is the assignment you have given yourself.

Sometimes it is YOU that you need to Forgive. Sometimes you are the One who needs the most Love from you. Be honest with yourselves about how you really FEEL about YOU and what you have done and who you have been, because that is the only way you will ever get to that place of Self-Love and Self-Forgiveness. Once you give yourself the Self-Love and Self-Forgiveness you are more likely to give it to others, and once you give it to others, you are more likely to give it to yourself.

You are always helping 'yourself' whenever you offer Love to 'someone else' who is in need of that Love. The whole Human Collective is affected by you just deciding to Love the person who 'triggers you' on or off screen. You are the Love in the face of whatever they are offering, and this assists you raise your frequency to the 5th Density.

We have so much Compassion for you when we see you struggling there on Earth and find we are tempted to offer too much assistance to Humanity, even though we know it Serves you to face your challenges 'head on' and to access everything that you need from 'within'. Recently we have noticed how much strength you have been drawing from your 'previous lifetimes' and the 'integration work' that you are doing is absolutely stunning to behold.

Every time you access a past life memory, or process a past life trauma, you are Aware of another aspect of you and that aspect of you has something very positive to add. We have noticed recently how you have found many ways of accessing more of 'who you have been' in those lifetimes beyond your 3rd Density Consciousness. Everyone there on Earth, even those who have yet to awaken, have had past lives where they have mastered their Thoughts, their Emotions, or the Energies of your World. You have All been Masters.

Now is the perfect time to be accessing those lifetimes, those gifts and abilities that you have already attained in those previous Versions of yourselves. Some of you think those lifetimes are simultaneously happening and do not exist in 'the past' and that is correct, for that is how you can 'access' these other Versions of you existing somewhere else in space/time.

You are also helping them by what you are 'living' and what you are 'becoming' there in your Physical Bodies in this lifetime. Do not underestimate yourselves or the work you have done, it is significant. You are assisting All of Humanity and these 'past life' Versions of yourselves, by facing your challenges, by going within, by processing what YOU need to process. This maybe a long and tiresome journey as you have so many 'pieces' of your-Selves to bring into the whole of Who You Are and we see you doing just that and it is why we are so excited about what you are accessing.

You are accessing Mastery, Spiritual Gifts and Abilities that may seem like far out of your reach from this point in your Spiritual Evolution in this lifetime, however, they are well within your reach and we see you all accessing them every single day and know that you will be able to Create the great Changes that you want to see in your outer World and your personal lives, We know it because we can see those Timelines in front of you, and from where you are right now, you are already well on your way.

We look at the 'commonalities' with anyone or any Collective as proof that We Are All One and we see our differences as our Power. One of our many pursuits is to understand Who We Are as Source Energy Beings, as All That Is and getting to know any 'component' within All That Is. We look at the commonalities as proof that we are all one, and we see the differences as our power.

As a Universal Collective we are much more powerful because of our diversity and that diversity allows us to clash, disagree and to experience Unconditional Love. We also appreciate the way diversity in this Universe has created such a beautiful tapestry, such a powerful kaleidoscope and we know that we will experience even more of 'ourselves' when we get the opportunities to explore other Universes.

Right now, you all have an opportunity to accept Unconditionally the difference that you experience between you and another person. Embrace the diversity within the Human Collective as that is what makes you strong, powerful, and interesting. But for far too long, people on Earth have sought sameness and sought to defeat those who disagree with them. Your fellow Humans give you an opportunity to know yourselves more fully and completely.

You will be more Powerful if you treasure each and every aspect of Humanity, each and every particle on your World, each and every Perspective that exists. You are more powerful when you are willing to accept that whatever you see 'outside' of you is also 'a part' of you, and all that you see will become more of its Source Energy Self when you are reflecting back to it, your Unconditional Love.

It takes time to undo Societal Programming and it takes a 'willingness' to undo. Therefore, when you 'see or feel' yourself resisting 'something or someone', know that you were programmed to resist. You can undo your Societal Programming bit by bit, moment by moment and Be Who You Really Are, and by doing you will make yourself and all of Humankind more powerful.

The World you are living in right now is how it is for a reason, and that reason is your expansion, your growth, and everything that you have yet to accept and embrace. It all Serves you, but it does take effort on your part in-order for that Service to take effect. When you are sitting around wondering what you should do with your life, unable to find anything compelling or interesting to participate in, we recommend that you simply set the 'intention' to 'open up' and fill yourselves up with Higher Frequency Energies from the Higher Density planes. You cannot go wrong, and you cannot get it wrong.

Many people are afraid that if they open themselves up, then they are opening themselves up to 'attack' and lower-Vibrational Energies and Entities. When opening yourselves up, we advise you to always to do what you need to do to place yourself into a Higher Vibrational state and it does not matter what it is. You know what makes you feel good, makes you smile, makes your heart beat a little faster and stronger.

There is always 'something' that you can do to raise your Vibration and then from that place of wearing a Higher Vibrational armour, you need not worry or concern yourself about Beings or Energies coming to get you, because they cannot. When you are in your Higher Vibrational state you are out of reach of their lower Vibrational state, which is where they exist. And in your Higher Vibrational state you are then more likely to receive from Higher Density planes of existence and Beings and Collectives who exist in those Higher Densities.

Understand that there is nothing to fear when you use the tools appropriately. We know that many of you want to anchor in Higher Frequency Energies for the rest of Humanity, for Mother Earth and to access more Guidance that you desire. Some engage in this practice for the purposes of healing yourselves and others, or because you just want to feel good, to feel better than before you started. And you know that when you feel better, you spread that 'better Feeling' Energy around. Everything that you 'do' can Be an act of Service when it is infused with Higher Frequency Energy. We recommend that you reach out for these Higher Frequency Energies and see how it Feels.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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