Ascension Messages

Expanding our Consciousness moves us closer to Source

We are very practical in our approach to our own Spirituality. We look at what is working for us and what is not and the Changes we make are based on what we are Feeling about a particular 'practice' or a particular 'focal point'. Our Spiritual Evolution is tied to yours; it is very similar, in fact. We are Growing and Expanding our Consciousness to move closer to Source, that is the Goal for All Beings, whether they know it or not. Different People choose different Paths, however ultimately, we are All headed in the same place and in the same direction.

We invite you to look at what your approach is to your Spirituality and whether you Feel that your Consciousness is Growing and Expanding and bringing you closer to that Source Energy Vibration that you seek, that we all seek. You need to be able to 'Feel into' the different approaches that you take to your Spirituality, to notice when one thing is working, and another is not. That is how your sensitivity Serves you, and that is why Feeling your Emotions is always a good idea for you. We suggest that you to pay 'closer Attention' to yourself throughout the day. Notice your Thoughts, your Words and your Actions. What is habitual about you and your life?

Then ask yourselves whether what you are doing is working for you. Is it getting you where you want to go, or are you doing it because you think it is what you are supposed to do? There will also be approaches to Spirituality that will keep you 'stuck' in the same place, and so you need to know what your Beliefs are that are locked in your Subconscious/Unconscious Mind, your Programming. You need to know that Thinking the 'same thoughts' over and over, keeps you in that same position from where those Thoughts are coming. That means it is time to make a Change; it is time to alter your Vibration so that you do 'attract' better-Feeling Thoughts to you. It is also time to catch yourself before you go down a train of Thought, that you Know is not going to 'Feel good' and is not going to get you anywhere, that is addictive behaviour that you can Change.

Sometimes Changing actions, even the smallest ones, can make a huge difference in your lives and in how you Feel. Ask yourselves if you are pushing yourselves too much. Are you getting very rigid about your practices, about the things you Think you must do in a day? And pay Attention to how you Feel when you talk to other people. You will always be able to tell whether what you said was helpful or not, by how you Feel. You may think what you say will be helpful to you, but then you Feel the discord as you start to talk about a topic, and that is when you have to catch yourselves.

This is what Spiritual Growth and Evolution is all about; it is about looking at Yourselves. When you do, you can make huge leaps in your progress in a very short amount of your time.

We are very pleased to find ourselves in this dynamic with Humanity there on Earth at this time. We enjoy so much the opportunity to Serve, also the opportunity to Co-Create with you, as we do hear from so many of you and are able to tailor our Energies accordingly. We are seeking more and more Union with Humanity at this time, because of our 'desire' to Feel more of a Presence. We enjoy exploring different forms of Consciousness, and when we truly Connect with any of you, we get to Know the Experience of being a Human on Earth through you and that delights us. It is more than just a curiosity for us; it is true Unity that brings us closer to Source, our true Whole Selves.

Now, you can take the same approach with your fellow Humans. You can see everyone else there on Earth as someone to Unite with, who will ultimately bring you closer to your true, Whole Self as a Source Energy Being, or you can continue to divide and separate, draw lines in the sand, and do the things you have been doing for so many years that have not worked there on Earth. We Know, as those of you who receive these Messages Know, that there is a need for Change. You cannot continue to say to yourself that your way is the 'only way', your Truth is the 'only Truth', your Race or ethnicity is the 'best one' and expect to Evolve.

There is a need for Integration; there is a need for seeing that which is outside of you as also existing inside of you, and when you get to that point, you can lay down all of your resistance, resentment, anger and instead, you can give the entire World and everyone on it, a giant hug. The Feeling of doing what we have described is so much better than what Humans have been doing for eons and eons and you will only get to that Feeling, if you 'put into practice' what we are saying here.

It is time to see everyone 'outside of you' as an aspect of 'Source' that you are meant to Accept and then Love Unconditionally, until you do, you will continue being 'stuck in a box' that no longer fits you. We will continue to invite you with our Energy and with the extension of our Consciousness, to merge with us because when you merge with us, you merge with that Truth that We Are All ONE, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

We are so very happy to see how you All have been benefitting from the adventures that you have been on, while asleep and while travelling the Astral Plane. Now, we understand that most of you who are receiving this Message do not remember those Astral Travels at night when you wake up, however, you do take bits and pieces of what you are being given and you do incorporate that Wisdom into your everyday life.

You get Activated. You receive Knowledge and you get to Know Soul Family Members of yours better when you take those journeys that you take. Now is a wonderful time for you to begin to start 'remembering' more of what is already occurring in these Astral Travels. Therefore, we are working with your Higher Selves and your Guides to establish different 'dream symbology' that you will easily be able to interpret as a Message about what you actually Experienced while traveling in the Astral Plane.

We invite you to write down your dreams when you wake up, or to record them with your recording devices, followed by some dream interpretation work to better understand what it is that you have already Downloaded from Us, from the Pleiadeans, Sirians and from many other Beings representing the different Star Systems throughout the Galaxy.

You can bring more of this information back to your Conscious Minds now that you have reached the Level of Consciousness that you have reached. Therefore, this is a wonderful time for you to expect to receive more, not because you have not already been receiving, but because you are 'ready' to understand more Consciously what is going on during your Astral Travels. You are ready to more Consciously 'apply' what you are receiving to your day-to-day living.

We are playfully inviting you to 'join us' in our appreciation of Humanity, as we see you raising your Level of Consciousness there, in spite of the circumstances you are living. It is a time for you to be in appreciation of yourselves as Individuals and as a Collective because you have spent this time that you have had to be more isolated in a way that has Served you. You have had no choice really but to go 'within' and to 'look' at what you are 'still holding onto', what buttons of yours are getting pushed, and what you still need to Heal and Forgive.

Now, when you take those simple steps forward during a time like a pandemic, you rebirth yourselves. You will get through it, you are getting through it, however, you do not have to go back to living life the way that you were before the start of the pandemic. You get to decide Who You 'want' to Be, and you are now clearer than ever, about Who You want to Be in the World.

When you utilise time that you are given, to go 'within' you find that you have much to give to your fellow Humans. There are many ways the entire World is benefitting from you being there at this time, and hopefully, you have come to that realisation by now. We are eager to support you in your work, in your contribution to the Human Collective Consciousness, and we are constantly extending out our Non-Physical hands to you and inviting you to join us in the Higher Frequency range.

By Connecting with us, you can Feel 5th Density, you can Access more of the 5th Density Energies, and you can Experience what it is like to have completed the Shift. All of that is available to you right now, it is especially available to those of you who are 'willing to look within' yourselves during a time of greater isolation. Of course, it is available to everyone, however, if people do not have the capacity at this time to do the work of 'self-examination', they will continue right where they left off before the pandemic began. It is always going to be important for you to see how something like this time Serves you, rather than just looking for villains to point fingers at.

You will always see that nothing 'outside' of you Changes until YOU Change what is going on 'inside' of you. We see enough of you doing that to Feel very optimistic, and of course, we Know that you have made the difference that you wanted to make on your World because we can Feel the Collective Energy of Humanity. We invite you to Feel proud, to Feel eager about returning to the World in all the ways that you want to, and we invite you to show your fellow Humans what you have discovered that is 'within you' through this time that you have had of Self-Exploration.

We have been observing you for long enough in your linear time to have established a fondness for your quirks and idiosyncrasies. We are always amused by you and by what makes you unique. Each and every one of you has something about you that is spectacular in its weirdness. You are helping each other at this time, to Feel better about your eccentricities by being more Open and out there, with Who You Really Are.

This might not seem like a big deal to those of you who are doing it, however, at a time when getting people's 'likes' and 'shares' and 'positive comments' is very absorbing within Social Media, and those of you who are willing to surrender and be Who You Really Are, are helping so many to Feel less like an outsider and more like a Person who belongs to a Tribe. We see you coming together in Groups now, Groups that share a 'common interest' in something that is quite abnormal, or at least something that most people are completely uninterested in. Even though being that True Self will not get you lots of 'likes' on Social Media, many of you are finding that it 'is' the only way to be truly satisfied in your lives.

Now, you are there in the 4th Density, biding your time, waiting for the Shift to be completed so that you can have more freedom, so that you can play with your E.T. friends and neighbours, so that you can travel to the far reaches of the Galaxy and because you are in that Transition Density at this time, it can be so very Challenging to find your place, to find where you fit in.

Therefore, we invite you to be as loud and proud with what makes you different, and let the chips fall where they may, because we are here to tell you, that when you are true to yourselves, that is when you are at your most Lovable. That is when you are most likely to find yourself meeting someone that is going to turn out to be the Love of your life. It is not by trying to Be what you 'think' that Person wants you to Be or the Person you think the majority of the population is attracted to.

Be Yourself, you will find your Tribe, you will meet the Love of your Life and you will be more satisfied with your Life than you ever were during those times when you were trying to fit in. This is something we see happening every single day and we are very excited to see more and more of you coming out of your shells.

We are excited, as always, to witness you Growing and Expanding in the ways that you do in 'every moment of every day'. You may not see the Growth that you want to see out there in the Physical Universe, you may not be able to detect as much Growth in 'yourselves' as you would like to see, however, every 'moment of every day' you are gaining more Awareness, more Consciousness. You are becoming more Awake. You become Awakened to the Truth of Who You Really Are at some point, however, then you go through the Experiences that make you more Aware of your Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions and even your Actions, things you do on autopilot instead of from a place of inspiration.

This is what you are 'growing from' and 'growing into' as you continue there in this lifetime. This is a long and meandering journey for you. It is not a straight run on a bullet train, where all you do is sit and look out a window. You are there to Experience it; you are there to go through those 'growing pains' and to recognise once and for all, that 'everything' Serves You. Think about everything that is in your life right now and realise that IT Serves you. Then ponder everything that is not in your life right now, that you would like to be there and realise that by not having it, Serves you, then take a deep breath and relax and realise that you 'have' attained Inner Peace, in just a few moments of your time.

From the place of Peace, you can Create; you can 'open up' and 'receive'. You can Experience Joy. You can look around at what is in your life and appreciate it more. You can appreciate the people in your life more. You do not always have to be striving and climbing and struggling to get to the next step of your Spiritual Evolution. When you have more Awareness, you realise that Awareness is the Key. It is not just that you are now Aware of what you have to fix, of what needs Changing in your Life, just being Aware, is the fix; it is the Change. It means you are more Conscious, and you will Choose more Consciously the next time around, the next time you are faced with that difficult person or that difficult situation in your life.

We want you to stop and Acknowledge yourselves more, for the Growth you are making in 'every single moment of every day' and when you do that, you will find yourself living in a 5th Density Frequency range sooner than later. You will find that you can hold that Frequency for longer and longer periods and you will not be waiting for anything to Change outside of you, so you can then relax and Feel good about how far you have come. Just do it now, and everything else will Change and it will Change more quickly because you took the few little steps we outlined here in this Message, and you will Feel better about your life right now.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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