Ascension Messages

Examine what you Think, Believe & Feel

We have been going about releasing ourselves from the bondage of limitation, limitation that keeps us in our current Density, in a slow, deliberate, and methodical way because we enjoy the journey so much and we want to Feel every bit of release as we 'let go' of all that is required that keeps us in this Density. You are all similar in the way that you are shifting, however, it is different as most people are not choosing to shed their layers in the same intentional way as we are.

Many of you feel trapped in your Density or feel stuck and unable to move forward emotionally or feel unable to change other aspects of yourself and your lives. We understand how frustrating that can be as we witness you daily seeking to break free, however, if you can set the 'intention' every day to 'enjoy' the ride you can then embrace everything that comes up for you.

Every little challenge that you face can be seen as someone who enjoys challenges and if you enjoy growth, then you also enjoy challenges. It is important for all of you to discover something about your life and life in general there on Earth, so that you can also enjoy the reassurance of making even the tiniest bit of progress on your journey.

It can help you once you realise that everything is set up by you, that everything in your life is something you decided to take on because then you can let go of the idea that you are trapped, stuck, or being punished. Then you can see how much there is for you in your current life experience, and you can start to notice the little things about life on Earth that are worth experiencing. We understand that it is difficult there for you and that sometime or another throughout your lives you would have liked to leave Earth, however, we see your progress and your triumphs and notice you all are becoming better at being Human.

Our desire is that you take the same Joy that we take in gradually peeling off the layers, because at the end of this, you will be able to look back at your Ascension journey and say that you did it. And that while it may have been hard work I persevered, and I did it. And once in 5th Density it will be something to feel very good about having achieved.

We have noticed that many of you who are Awake have taken this journey Consciously and that has returned within many of you your original blueprint and you are an example to the rest of Humanity. You have unlocked within you the truth that you are Divine Beings pretending to be Human Beings for the purposes of experience, growth, and evolution. You have unlocked within you this knowledge in a variety of ways, and you cannot un-know it once you know this.

You will continue to access the codes and information that are deeply embedded in your DNA that will assist you in then becoming once again the Divine Selves that you truly are. The Awakened ones at this time are not only able to do it but are also able to show others how they can do it, and that is what makes you the leaders of the shift in Consciousness that you are.

As you shift your own Consciousness, you jump to a Timeline where others are also ready to shift, and you get to play the role of the one who is helping them to shift. That is so important for you to know as there is no need to look around the World as it is today wondering how the rest of Humanity is ever going to be ready for their Ascension. You need only concern yourself with your own alignment, your own inner peace and to become that 5th Density version of yourself, all you have to do is reach for your own Higher Self. This 5th Density version of yourself already has the fully activated Divine blueprint that is already operating as a Divine Being of Light and Love.

You wanted to have this experience which is why you are there to have the experience. And you are there to experience this because you wanted to have the experience of 'movement' from thinking yourselves as finite, mortal Beings in dense Physical Bodies to experience 'knowing yourselves' as Divine Beings of Light. And this is what makes this time on Earth so special.

You are there to Awaken and to experience what it is like to be there as an Awakened Soul so that you can shift your Consciousness and help others to do the same. Everything else is just the way that you chose to Awaken, or the way that you are choosing to Serve, however, the experience is more important than the detail.

We know something good will come out of your choices to slow down, to take the time necessary to be in your bodies and in your inner awareness, particularly as there is so much else for you to Focus on, there on Earth. We understand that there are many different things being said there on Earth and you must determine for yourself whether to take any of it on board, therefore, we suggest you Feel into your own Feeling Centre to ascertain how that Feels for you.

You do not have to accept anything as your truth if it is not resonating with you or feeling right for you, nor do you need to debate with anyone as to whether it is right. Remember that when you are in silent or guided meditation, introspection, and quiet contemplation, you are more Aware of what is going on inside of you and it is where your Focus needs to be most of the time, in-order to be creating the Reality you 'want to experience'.

Allow that other person to think and believe whatever version of Reality they want to believe in, and you can be where you are, having your version of Reality. You only need to agree with yourself. In-order to do that, first you need to be Aware of what you Think, Believe and Feel. And to become Aware of those things, you must 'tune out' the rest of the World, along with being aware enough to be 'tuning in' to what is going on inside of you.

As you know, you always have the freedom to choose, therefore you do not need to hold onto thoughts and beliefs that do not Feel good to you. When you exercise your freedom to choose to 'let go' of something, that is when you are appropriately using your Free Will. You determine what it is that you want to Focus upon, and you get more in your life experience. Remember, it does not matter what anyone is choosing, thinking, or believing as it is up to them what they choose.

Therefore, do not concern yourself with what anyone is doing if it does not resonate with you as an action worth taking. We recommend that you wait until you are inspired and have an impulse to take an action, as you always want to be led from 'within you' where the truth of Who You Are always resides.

We know that Creation is a natural by-product of Existence. Remember, that you are in an act of Creation, Consciously or Subconsciously when you do anything or experience anything, when you want more of what you are experiencing or even the opposite of what is happening in your life in that moment. Creation is not only happening when you are seeking it out, however, when you Create intentionally, you go into great detail about what you want to experience and when Creating Subconsciously, you may be putting out messages that you do not wish to experience.

It is easy to forget that you have constructed so many Creations and Realities and it is easy to think that you are starting from scratch and working from the bottom working with basic tools, however, you already have so many Creations out there and you are now mostly doing fine-tuning.

We find it curious that people are constantly looking for predictions about the future and when an Awakened person can believe predictions about a Reality, a Reality that is something that neither one of you is experiencing but are convinced that it exists, and it is affecting you and everyone else. Do not expect an unwanted Reality to come towards you or expect that you must experience it. Instead, use that said Reality to become clearer about what it is that you do want to experience, particularly if it is the opposite of what you have been told as the inevitable future for you and all Humankind.

You know when you are creating something you want, by how you Feel, and you know when you are creating something you will not enjoy, also by how you Feel. It is as simple that. What is so important here is to be in control of your Thoughts and Emotions because they create what you experience. Instead of seeing yourself as a 'seeker of truth', we suggest you change it to 'one who wants to create a better truth, a better Reality for everyone'. You can and do Create those better Realities, however, you must believe in them and believe in yourselves, in-order to eventually experience them.

We are fortunate in that we get to experience what we Create immediately, whereas you must Trust. You must have Faith, and you must Surrender and 'let go' in-order to 'allow in' all your beautiful creations and more. And because you are not the only one creating, there is always more with the many Co-Creators working to create a better future for all of Humanity.

There will always be somewhere else for you to go with more gifts for you to unlock, and there will always be more experiences for you to have, however, you must be patient, and you must accept where you are, in-order to relax enough to 'open up' to all that you have summoned.

We and others like us will continue to bombard you with energies, activations, upgrades and downloads, and we will continue to invite you to join us in the Higher Frequencies, however, we are not impatient with any of you. We see everything as progress because everything is creating more expansion within Source and therefore more expansion within All of Us. When attempting to do something for the first time, you go through phases of trial and error, getting better at what you are attempting to do with each trial while honing a skill. In this way you will appreciate the finished product much more because of all your attempts at getting it right.

We are sharing with you that you are expanding within a spiral, you are gradually raising yourselves through all your experiences that you have, even those experiences that you would define as failures or mistakes. You cannot help but grow because of what you have taken on in this lifetime and your growth will continue whether you do it Consciously or not. Therefore, once again, do not concern yourselves about those who are still asleep as they are also Creating, Expanding, and Inspiring you as well. They are playing their role and serving a purpose, and you get the opportunity to help Awaken them.

We are feeling satisfaction as we see right now more of you accessing the Energies that are available to you in-order to help others Awaken or further their Awakening. We want you to know that we See you, Feel you and Acknowledge you and know that all the potential inside you will be realised. This is another way for you to use your Free Will by enjoying this upward spiral journey more. Enjoy the ride and Choose to Acknowledge yourselves and make that choice frequently, to live a life of Joy, Freedom, Love, Peace, and Creativity.

We enjoy watching you reaching your conclusions, and we enjoy witnessing you overcoming adversity there on Earth, as well as life in other Worlds that have sentient Consciousness. We understand ourselves better from those observations and we know better how to Serve all of you there in physical form, as we are All One. We as Non-Physical, can give so much to you that is intangible, but also invaluable.

We ask you to Feel for what it is that we contribute to you, because we understand that there is so much that can draw your attention there on Earth, and we know that we are competing with all kinds of media. And there are more Energies coming in from Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda and more for you to Feel into and play with. We also want you to get more in touch with your Feeling abilities and your Senses.

In our observations we have noticed that physical life wants to survive, and that at a certain point you want to go beyond just surviving. You want to thrive. Of course, thriving is defined differently by different Beings with some seeking to thrive financially, others spiritually, some in their relationships, while others seek to thrive in their adventures. No matter what, it is all for the good of 'experience' and always Serves Source, and therefore, for the greatest and highest good of all.

Everyone is required to look at their view of thriving and would benefit from looking at what they do, in-order to achieve that lifestyle. Perhaps by examining what it is you think you 'must do', or 'must have' in-order to thrive, you can re-evaluate some of your ideas and make the adjustments that are required to achieve what you need or want.

We have also observed that many of you believe that there must be some sort of sacrifice to thrive. Beings throughout history have sacrificed their freedom and sacrificed good years of their lives to reach their definition of thriving in that life. However, it is not necessary to experience sacrifice, as the Universe seeks balance within it. Therefore, no sacrifices are necessary, and everyone can do what they want to do in-order to thrive, because we are all parts of the same One Being, and everyone has their innate desires.

As you Acknowledge what those desires are and following your bliss, listen to that Inner Knowing that you have without having to give up an aspect of life that is important to you. Let go of the belief that says you need to make sacrifices in-order to thrive and then Feel the 'relief' in it. Listen to the call within you and take whatever steps are required to get you to that place.

You are living at a time in Human history where there are so many ways in which to communicate and express yourselves, and you do not need to wait around for someone to give you your own television show or to publish your book in-order for you to have an audience. You determine when you are ready to put yourselves out there to the World, and you decide the modality that you are ready for.

Empowerment is when you can express yourselves and have your Perspective in the World today for everyone who is in alignment with it to experience. You have empowered yourselves enough to give yourselves all these modalities and ways to share your Perspectives with the rest of Humanity. However, you do choose whether to do it or not, and you get to choose how and when you do it.

We see that you have now empowered yourselves and you now get to decide how and when you produce a book or video without a publisher or producer determining it for you. You have been empowering yourselves in a variety of ways and it is because you have raised your level of Consciousness to the point where those choices do now exist.

It is important for you to acknowledge this, because here you are now, with all this freedom and all these choices that in the past you felt stifled in your Self-expression through your religions and occupations, that did not encourage you to express yourself. And yet some of you still feel stifled in your Self-expression, however, by recognising this, you will know what your next challenge is. Your next challenge is to overcome that, so that you can share more of yourself with the World.

Many of you know that you have something to say that will assist others when they hear it or read it. You also know the power of being in the 'flow of energy' and when you are expressing yourself, you are in 'the flow'. We see the beauty of what it is that you have to share every time you visit us in the Astral Plane, and we want you to know that your fellow Humans will Feel that way as well.

Not all your fellow Humans will Feel that way, but enough of them will and that will encourage you to continue expressing yourselves in whatever ways that you may choose at this time. Empower yourselves by allowing yourselves to be Heard, Seen and to Be experienced by others, and notice how your lives become exponentially popular or successful when you do.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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