Ascension Messages

JOY is the PATH

We are always very happy to encourage you to move towards what you find interesting and invigorating. We know that there are many things on Earth that you must do to maintain your bodies, your vehicles, and your homes, and then there are the 'things' that you truly want to do or prefer to do. There are the 'moments' that you savour, the Experiences that you crave more of, they are the ones that we recommend you make yourself available to as many of those as you possibly can. We know that there is great value facing your chores, your obligations, and the things that you 'feel you need to do' in-order to maintain your health and well-being, however, you need to make time for 'yourselves' for the 'things' that you would do all day, every day, if you could.

You need to 'prioritise' them because being in a Higher Vibrational state is necessary for those of you who have signed up to be Light-Workers, to be Awake. You need to offer that Higher Vibration in-order to 'ground in' the Energies that are coming in and in-order to Be of Service to your fellow Humans. We know that sometimes you find it difficult to 'make time' for yourselves and for your true desires, however, do not be afraid to ask those in your life to make room for you and for your needs to be met. You are not just there to Be in Service or to Be a Martyr; you are there to 'enjoy' the Journey of your Ascension and you know what you need to give yourselves in-order to do that.

You know that you are Love and that throughout the course of your life, you will at times be challenged to Be the Love that you truly are despite certain circumstances. You know that is a part of your Experience, you also know that you Love the things that you Love for a reason. You Love doing certain things because doing them is also a part of your Becoming Who You Really Are. You must allow yourselves to BE YOU completely.

Do not try to fit into anyone else's box, whether they are a family member, whether it is Society as a whole, or whether it is a Spiritual Teacher who is telling that you need to do this or that in-order to Be more Spiritual. Many people are living lives right now that are not their own; they are living lives that are not of their Choosing. It is more than just unfortunate, it is detrimental to living fully and needs to happen for each Individual, in-order for each Individual to Be themselves, to fit the role that they agreed to play.

You also need to know that sometimes your Beliefs, that were handed down to you by someone else, are what 'block you' from doing what you truly want to do. You did not Create them; you Accepted them and sometimes you need to test the Validity of them by taking 'a leap of Faith', by moving towards something that may seem fanciful.

Please 'allow' yourselves; the freedom to Choose, because living your lives has taken you to this point where you have developed clear preferences and clear desires. Follow through with them and you will be able to 'allow' more Love to flow through you, especially in those circumstances where you are being called upon to Be the Love in the face of that which is appearing to 'not be Love'. Some of you just needed this encouragement today and we trust that you will take up our offer to 'support you' in doing what you Love.

We understand the power of 'momentum' and know that there has been enough momentum created from what we have been exploring to give Us this opportunity to 'step back' a little and enjoy that momentum. We also understand that whenever we put Energy out into the Universe, that same Universe 'matches our Energetic output', and we understand that we do not have to do it all ourselves.

Even we have assistance here in the 9th Density. There are Higher Density Collectives helping us to Expand and Evolve. Now, being where you are in your Density, you have so many Beings and Collectives that are assisting All of you, and you have 'momentum' that was created in previous lifetimes there on Earth that you can rely upon. You also have been very busy, doing, giving and all that Energy that you expended, is coming back to you at this time.

Given all that, do you not think that you can 'relax and let go', that you can struggle less, do less and rely more upon all that is coming back to you by virtue of the fact, that you still exist? You do not have to do anything, you can just 'open up' and 'receive' what is coming to you by virtue of the fact, that you have momentum. We, Collectively, as a Universe, have a great deal of momentum. We can All share in the Collective momentum that keeps us All spiralling up, keeps us All moving closer and closer to Source and to our true Selves as Infinite and Eternal Beings of Love and Light.

Therefore, we welcome you to join Us in our state of resting and relaxing, because you have earned it. We have All earned a break, and by taking a break you often gain tremendous insight. You often get your best ideas when you are not trying, not doing and when you completely Let Go of whatever it is you have been striving for all that time. It is the perfect time for a respite for Humanity. Allow what you have put 'out there' come back to you and know that there will always be time for more action, more creation, more of what you have yet to even dream up. We are expanding together, so please take a moment and FEEL for it; it is your Expansion, after all, for the taking.

When you are wondering whether Humanity is doing all right, or whether you are making it possible for yourselves to Ascend to the 5th Density, you just need to ask yourself that question, as Humanity will always be a 'reflection' of 'you'. Ask yourself whether you Feel 'worthy' of Ascension and what it is you Believe is holding you back from Ascending right now. Your answers will be interesting to say the least. However, despite your doubts, there is enough Faith within the Awakened Collective to carry a positive Vibration through your day.

You are affecting the rest of Humanity with your 'knowing' that you are all moving to a better place, a better version of Humanity and Mother Earth. Your 'ability' to Connect to Higher Consciousness is a big part of that Journey.

The Energies are to support you in reaching 'within yourselves', where you will also find every-Thing, every-One and every Being and Collective throughout the Universe and you are ready to bring these Connections that you are making to the Higher Realms to the next level. You are ready to move forward with these Energies with your heads held high, your arms, Hearts, and Crown Chakras wide open, and you are ready to bring in the Energies, the Consciousness, the Wisdom that will carry Humanity into a glorious New Year.

The potentials of the New Year are immense. You will see more E.T. contact within Humanity on the Personal and Group Level, and the 'potential' is there for a mass landing of ships that will be the first domino to align with the completion of your Ascension to the 5th Density. It is happening, and it is happening because of your 'willingness' to Connect to Higher Frequency Energies that it is possible for this version of Humanity to make that leap. If you Feel that you are not Connecting to a Higher Consciousness at this time, then again, ask yourselves the question of why. Do you believe it is possible for you, and do you believe us when we tell you that it is not only possible, but it does happen from time to time?

You want to get to that heightened level of Consciousness on your own and on purpose, you can, and you will, because you are Awake and because you have the Desire to do so. Having the Desire and Commitment is always your way of telling yourself that this next step on your journey is an inevitable one. Take each step with the 'knowing' that you are going in the right direction, that everything is going according to plan, and that you are Ascending in the 'perfect timing' for yourself and for the entire Human Collective.

We often invite you to ask Us for assistance regarding specific issues and challenges that you may be facing in your lives, and we are happy to assist all of you in any way that we can, you just need to ask. We also understand that by asking for help, you are in that moment 'acknowledging' that help does exist. Therefore, it is in the 'asking' that you 'open up' more to 'receive' what it is that you are asking for. You 'open up' to the 'assistance' that is already there, already being offered by Us, your Guides, with so many other Helpers who also continually work on your behalf. Remember, that none of Us can do it for you, however, we can assist you.

We can make it easier for you by 'holding space' for you, 'nudging' you in a particular direction and by giving you 'activations or upgrades' that will make whatever is blocking you from being where you want to be, a much more loud and obnoxious noise in your Experience. In other words, all the Upgrades and Activations are helping you to pinpoint the resistance, the blockage, the belief that is inside of you, so that 'you can release it'.

However, YOU are doing it all yourselves. The assistance is there to Support you, Guide you, to Love you and to 'hold space' for you, it is always there, and it is there from so many Beings. Some of you have more Helpers than others because you are facing more challenges, however, all of you have a tremendous amount of assistance and when you relax, 'open up' and let it ALL in, it will come flooding in. It is not coming from one specific place, or one specific Star System or one specific Being or Collective. You have more assistance than you could possibly imagine coming your way, so you can relax.

You can look for 'opportunities' to experience Joy, and you can 'appreciate' the life that you have already created. You can 'appreciate' all that you can with your five senses and more. You can rest in the 'knowing' that more is always coming. More Energies will always be coming in to support you, and more Manifestations will always be coming because YOU have created them, they are yours and it is inevitable for you to Experience those Creations.

Now, we can help you speed up the time it takes for you to Manifest something by reminding you that 'How you FEEL matters' and by reminding you that it is inevitable that you Experience what you have Created. We can help you Manifest everything more quickly by reminding you of all the assistance you have and by pointing out that JOY is the Path. You are not on a Path to Joy and Joyous Experiences and circumstances, rather, the Path is created 'with Joy' and when you are 'in Joy' you stay on the Path. You continue to make the Journey forward, a Journey that you are destined to be on.

You have so much yet to Experience on Earth in those Physical Bodies. You do not just have to wait until you are on the 5th Density Earth with a Light Body. That is not the only time for you to be in a state of Joy, to be surrounded by Love. That is not the only time when you will Experience ultimate Freedom, Wisdom and Confidence. All those Vibrations are available to you, right now, and all your Helpers are showering you with those Vibrations, in the hope that you will relax enough to 'let them in' and FEEL them run through your Physical Body.

Therefore, we encourage you to 'get out' to enjoy Mother Earth and Mother Nature. We know that they put you at ease and that you are more likely to 'open up' when you get away from all the 'thought forms' and all the Energies in your homes. We encourage you to let all this sink in, and then let all the Help that is coming your way enter into your Energy Field, your Chakras, your Cells and your DNA, and you will Feel transformed, the moment that you do.

We are quite certain that you are Ascending at an appropriate pace. We understand that many of you would like to get to 5th Density as quickly as possible, some of you would even like to go back to Source as quickly as you possibly can, however, that is not the point of all of this. The point of all of this, is to 'have Experiences'. The Experiences you have 'stimulate growth', which then places you on a Higher Vibrational plane of existence. You Ascend because You Experience. Therefore, do not believe for a moment that you are meant to skip Experiences just to get to where you are going, it would be defeating the purpose of doing all of this in the first place.

If you want to get to the 5th Density quickly, then ask yourself why. Ask yourself, "What is it that I am trying to avoid in the 4th Density? What is it I am trying to escape from?" When you have the answers to those questions, you will have the keys to your Spiritual Evolution, because you will then know what the resistance is that you need to release. You will know what you are there to Heal, Forgive, have compassion for and to Love Unconditionally. Doing those things is what places you in a Higher Vibrational state, and Ascension is about moving from a Lower Vibrational state to a Higher Vibrational state. This is how you do it. This is what is required.

Some of you may not be thinking so much about your Ascension as you are about your own Personal lives and the types of Experiences you would like to have in your Personal lives. You want things to come Now. You want to be in that relationship Now. You want to be healthy Now. EMBRACE the Journey; recognise that there is so much more to Experience along the way while on your Journey and interestingly, when you do that, your Journey is completed more quickly.

Whatever your current set of circumstances are that are forcing you to face them, that is what you are meant to face. Maybe you need a 'limitation' of some kind to get you to 'go within' more, to get you to Focus, to Feel and to Meditate. Doing all those things are their own reward, but you do get other rewards from doing them as well. You do not want to receive everything that you have created 'all at once'; it would be overwhelming. However, there are Experiences that you can have today, right now, that you once dreamt of when you were a child, or when you were an adult, but were a younger adult than you are now. Remember, that everything you have Manifested in your life right now was once a 'desired Experience' for you. Experience it. LOVE what is. FEEL the JOY in what is right in front of you right now, and you can Ascend your Consciousness to a 5th Density Frequency in this very moment.

And even though you may not complete the Shift in this very moment, you will get the most out of the moment. And that is what 'savouring' is all about. That is what enjoying the Journey is all about. There is so much more for you to 'Experience in Joy' and in the state of 'being of Love' and all you need to do is 'slow down' enough to look around at the environment you are currently in, so that you can have those Experiences, so that you can Feel those Emotions.

To breathe your way into a state of ecstasy right now is so empowering, and yet how many of you even consider doing it at any point in your day. That is something we would like for you to ask yourselves, and we want you to know that we tell you this because we Love you, and we want to see you in a state of bliss, in a state of ecstasy. We know you are capable of achieving this, we are offering a little encouragement to do so.

We are studying all of you from afar, however, we are also right there with you, observing you from 'within you' and 'all around you'. We are 9th Density Beings, which means we have no Physicality, no Bodies, or any borders to confine us. We get to go where we want to go and put our Attention wherever we want to put it in this beautiful Universe of ours, we choose to Focus on Humanity there on Earth because we are fascinated by you. We are enthralled by your Journey, by your perseverance and by your ability to 'rise up' and 'meet challenges' that you face on a daily basis.

You are making History with your Ascension. You are making the biggest leap forward that you can possibly make, as you have moved from the 3rd Density making your way now to the 5th. This is a time to Feel very good about yourselves and how far you have already come, but it is also a time for you to be exploring where you want to go next. One of the reasons why your Journey is so fascinating to Us is because we do not know what you will Choose for yourselves next. We have some idea because of probabilities and because it is very rare for a Being or a Collective to make a turn in the opposite direction out of the blue.

We are interested in what you will Do next, what you will Create next and how you will Become your Higher Selves, which is a big part of your Destiny there on Earth. Many assume that the Shift to the 5th Density is about you taking yourself to a better place, like being upgraded from a budget car to a luxury car, however, it is not like that at all. You are Changing yourselves, and as you do, the World outside of you seems to Change. You are the Ones who are Changing, and when you are operating at that Higher Vibrational Perspective, you will See, Experience and be able to Do things that you cannot do right now. Remember, your limitations are not because of which country you live in, what laws are governing you there, or how much money you have in the bank.

Your limitations are only created by the Vibration YOU are OFFERING. Change YOUR Vibration and you will Change 'everything' that You Experience. This Journey is about Changing YOU, and it always has been. It has never been about a Change of scenery or the elimination of the bad ones. It has never been about leaving everything that you do not like behind, as you soar off into a better place, a better reality. YOU ARE THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS; it begins and ends with YOU. And it is your Destiny to complete it; you cannot mess this up.

You can either enjoy it by 'going with the flow', or you can go kicking and screaming in resistance, judgment, and condemnation about all that you do not like about your current situation. Which is more satisfying? That is why we enjoy studying and observing you, because we know that you are not idly travelling from one place to another. We know that you are Creating it ALL and that your Primary Creation is YOU.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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