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It is inevitable for ALL Beings, in all Times and in all Places throughout the Universe that we return to Source, and we are destined to experience that homecoming. Ascension is essentially about getting closer to home. All day, every day, you have the ability to bring yourself closer to Source. There is no need for you to wait for anything to happen that would make it easier for you to experience Source as your true Self, as an aspect of you that exists within your very being-ness. For some Humans the Path has been to move as far away from Source as they possibly could with their Consciousness so that the return would Feel so much more exciting and life-affirming.

Sometimes, in some Universes likes ours, great pain and suffering is a part of that journey, chosen to give oneself the experience of complete ecstasy. Everything that you Feel Consciously, brings you to a place where you can Feel everything, including heights of ecstasy. You can get there without the assistance of anyone or anything and you do not have to wait for a beautiful person or E.T to come into your life to assist you to arrive there. As you place your attention on your Inner Realm, all you need to do is Acknowledge that everything exists 'inside you' to be in a state of 'complete alignment' with Source and Feel for the potential that exists within. There is no-thing and no-one stopping you from aligning with Source.

There is always distraction on the worldwide web with dark ones trying to prevent Ascension from occurring, however, those same people could 'go within' to Feel for what Ascension is in their bodies, right now. All that is on the worldwide web, is a distraction from what exists inside each and every one of us. The Source Energy portal is there within every Being and every Collective and is accessible for you right now, by FOCUSING on the centre of your Heart and your breathing. We understand that sometimes there are blockages in your Hearts and that many of you have felt those blockages. And that with your Focus and Intention, directing your Consciousness to the centre of your Heart, you can work through them.

Everything you could ever want or could ever have, is all there, and everything that exists outside of you, including every experience with every other Being, is all there. When you give yourselves the experience of Ascension right now, you will be wanting for nothing, for you will be in a timeless Realm where everything is possible, where you are everything.

Sometimes you need the right nudging, at the right time, to go to the right place, and the right place, for All of you right now, is to 'go within' to the centre of your Heart and Feel for the Love that is there. Know that it is the 'true you' and see how much of it you can Feel and expand out to all corners of this beautiful Universe of ours. And no matter where you are or how it seems you are doing in your lives right now, know that you are doing wonderfully well.

Although the value of your life cannot always be quantified or even acknowledged by others, you are living out a life that has meaning, that has value. Therefore, you must be able and be willing to 'acknowledge' yourselves. You have so many more gifts within you to discover, and when you see someone else who has a gift that you do not yet have, you must realise that they are in your life or in your awareness to inspire you, to show you what is possible.

Spiritual gifts and abilities can take time to come to fruition and can take longer than you would like them to surface for you. Sometimes your Awareness of time can be an impediment for you with your desires because you have a timeframe in which you think it is appropriate for your desire to be manifested in your Reality. You must Trust and have Faith that whatever it is that you 'desire to experience' in your life will come to you and especially that holds true for Spiritual gifts and abilities, as you never know what the bigger picture is.

There are so many more Spiritual gifts and abilities than you can even imagine, within you right now, and you do not have to try hard to get them to surface for you. The opposite is true and all that is required is for you to 'relax and allow' them to come to the surface. It involves 'you being yourself', being true to yourself and with you living a life of Joy and Freedom. Therefore, be mindful of holding a belief that until you access at least one of your Spiritual gifts, that your life will not really start, because that is not true.

You make that choice that you can live a full and satisfying life right now, no matter where you are or what you are doing, it is always your choice. Congratulate yourself for just being there and having a life experience on Earth, or you can be hard on yourself because you have not burst forward in all the gifts and abilities that you know of and that others have shown are possible. It is important to ask yourself which one Feels better for you to focus on?

Always follow the flow of Good Feelings if you want to experience more Good Feeling things in your Reality. If you are 'waiting' for all the 'good things' to show up first, so that you can live a joyous life, that is a backward approach in achieving your desired Reality. You can be just as easily satisfied with your ability to 'breathe Consciously', as you can be by a Spiritual gift or ability that has not yet been accessed by you.

You will see just how much you can accomplish and find fascinating with a simple ability of you closing your eyes and taking a Conscious breath. The more you do it, the more you will find what is possible for you. Take small steps, one at a time and it will lead to a much longer journey and to everything that you want, that is, if you trust that and all it takes, is for you to keep going. However, if you believe you must take giant leaps, one giant leap after another, then you will be unable to move forward, waiting for the first giant leap to occur.

If you want to access more of your Spiritual gifts and abilities, all that is required is for you to do is just 'tune in' to what is going on in your Heart. And by doing it often and for as long as you can, everything that you want is contained within that space. And every one of you there have the ability to Focus, however, you need to demonstrate it to yourselves first. We want all of you to experience those wonderful results in your lives and we see more and more people doing this all the time.

And we want you to know that from our perspective, and from the perspectives of your Souls, you are doing very well there on Earth, and you are making history, achieving so much, and creating all sorts of New Universes because of what you are living, and this is remarkable. You are on a remarkable journey where so much is being accomplished and created with your mere 'presence' on Earth and your 'willingness' to live out those lives that you chose for yourselves. We know that you do not always Feel great about being there or about how well you are personally doing. Therefore, it is important for you to take on the perspective of your Soul, to understand that your Soul is not suffering, it is not tainted or damaged, no matter what is happening with you in your Physical Body.

However, your Soul is affected by everything that you Do, Think and Say, everything that happens to you, and all the Feelings that you Feel. Your Soul is not worse off for anything that you have lived during your Souls Conscious participation in your 'life experience' and never will be. That is simply not possible. If you take on the perspective of your Soul, you can begin to appreciate your lives, yourselves, and your journeys in the way that we do.

Because there is a record number of you on the planet right now, there is also proportionally, a record number of Helpers available to assist the Human Collective. You can benefit from all the 'asking' and all the 'creating' that your fellow Humans are doing, Humans who are experiencing many more hardships than you are in your life. We invite you to appreciate yourselves and your journeys and start to contemplate the assistance that is coming from above.

Start to imagine just how many Helpers there are with the eight billion Human Beings on the planet. And then start to Feel for the incoming Energies, and all the assistance that is coming from all the Densities, all the Star Systems, all the Realms that you can possibly imagine and those that you cannot. Be as excited about your life now, as is a Soul being born into a body, into a baby, in this very moment. No matter how jaded you sometimes Feel, or how discouraged you may sometimes be, it is possible to be excited about your life.

It is possible to have the perspective of the Soul that you truly are and to Love every moment of your life on planet Earth. We are sharing with you that there is so much happening there and that you are on an upward spiral, destined to Ascend. And even if you are not excited for yourselves, we are so excited for all of you.

We also recognise you as the Creator Beings you truly are, and we love encouraging you to Create. What we are referring to is for you to be very clear about what you want to Create and even writing down and speaking out loud your desires. Your desires are powerful, and they do Create, however, you can experience faster manifestation results when you have more supportive Energies coming in.

We know that many of you who are Awake have become impatient with the process of Ascension and many other things. Therefore, we invite you to recognise yourselves as Creator Beings who have additional assistance at this time, and we know that some of you already know this, and the sky is the limit, so dream big.

We encourage you to' think outside the box' and put things that may have seemed outlandish to you at other times of your life, into your 'creation box'. It is a beautiful time for you all to be there and to have so much that you do want, and it is an even better time for you all to be 'allowing in' that which you Create, because it is yours and yours alone to claim.

Everything now is about inching you forward to your inevitable Ascension, with many Paths to raising one's Consciousness. This is a reminder that it does not have to happen through pain and suffering, however, when a person is not paying attention, their Subconscious is choosing for them. No one Consciously says that they want more pain and suffering to come in their lives, however, it happens, and it happens frequently there on Earth. You can just as quickly and easily follow your Joy to Ascension, even though pain and suffering always serves a purpose.

You can 'pay closer attention' to what is going on 'inside of you' and in your lives, and you can move more appropriately to the Higher Realms by continuously Consciously choosing Love. No matter what the circumstances are that you are facing, choosing Love is the way for All of you. Ask yourselves if you can BE LOVE in the face of this, and if you truly Feel that you cannot, then ask yourselves, why? Perhaps you will need to move through some negative emotions before you reach the place of Love within you. The Love is always there and always available to you, and it is okay to have negative emotions. You are meant to 'Feel everything' there is to Feel, there on Earth.

As long as you know that the ultimate Goal is to reach that place of Love within you, then it is OK to be angry. Allow whatever negative emotion is surfacing for you to be exactly what it is. You are not changing or transmuting the emotion, essentially you are transmuting yourselves through 'accepting everything' as it is and Being Love in the face of everything, as it is, by accepting that Feeling and by making it OK. Just because you Feel some anger, sadness, fear, or even hate, does not mean that you are devolving. Nor does it mean that you are heading in the wrong direction or becoming any of those things. It merely means that you are having a 'temporary experience' of yourself as something other than Love, and you knew that you would before you incarnated on Earth.

You knew everything would be offered and available for you to Feel and that it would Serve you to Feel 'everything' that the Earth experience has to offer. Therefore, you may need to remind yourselves from time to time that no matter what comes up in your lives, to Be Love, for it is always the ultimate Goal. Once you can make Peace with the fact that often many unwanted, not so good Feeling emotions are on the Path to 'getting there', then the quicker you will arrive there.

While many of you wonder what your purpose and mission is on Earth, know that by you Being Love in the face of everything that is coming up for you, is you being in Service to others. Others need to see an example so that they have something to follow, they need for those of you who are Lightworkers to pave the way. You are there as Awakened Souls because you wanted to do it first and then show others. Many of you who are Awake are also teachers, leaders and guides. And when you light the Path that you are on with Love, everyone else 'can and will' eventually follow, no matter where they are right now.

We are accessing more Energies to share with you by helping you in the ways that we can. It helps if you can also see yourselves as Helpers, that you have the ability to 'open up' to so much assistance and to be Helpers in so many ways. When you know that you are helping just by being there, it gives you more confidence in yourselves. You tend to 'open up' to assistance when you 'acknowledge' that you have so much more help coming in to assist and serve you.

In-order to receive it, you must believe that it is there, and you must take the time to even relax yourself into that state of receptivity that is already there. You are not meant to travel this Path of yours alone. We are always here, your guides are always with you, and so many others are assisting you at times when there may be no other Humans or animals around to journey the same Path with you.

This is a time where you can really Feel the assistance that you are getting. You can viscerally Feel it in your body, and not just trust that it is there, and many of you do. Many of you question your Feelings, just as you question your Thoughts. Remember, that when you are raising your Vibration, you can trust anything that happens in that raised Vibrational state, and you can always trust in the truth that everything is there to Serve you, and to Serve your Spiritual evolution.

As you become less attached to Physical circumstances being exactly as you would like them to be, you speed up the Spiritual progress, thus as a result, allowing you to enjoy the Physical more. However, it is good to understand that the assistance you are receiving is always meant to help you on both fronts. There is no need to suffer in the Physical or to give up everything physically in-order to evolve Spiritually. Understand that when you are enjoying the Physical Realm, it does not mean that you are abandoning your Spirituality.

In fact, you will enjoy everything so much more if you do involve your Spirituality into it. You enjoy so much more when you do it Consciously, 'opening up' and connecting with the experience. You can enjoy eating so much more when you are communing with the food, as you can with enjoying breathing. You can enjoy sleep so much more by recognising that you are getting many upgrades and activations as you enter into the state of slumber.

By 'letting go' of control over your Physical circumstances, you will 'open up' more of the assistance that is coming from Beings like us. And as you 'let go' of the timing and the circumstances, the who and the where and the when, and especially the how, you become Conscious Co-creators in this beautiful expansion of your Consciousness. And you can Feel it when more of us are involved in that expansion of Consciousness. You can Feel it in your physical body.

The greatest experience that you will have on Earth at this time, is the merger of more of the Non-Physical with the Physical. Therefore, allow more in by relaxing and you will be able to do more in the physical and you will have the opportunity to do more of what you want. And much more than the desires you shared with us in the Higher Realms, and we can all have fun together in this journey of Ascension that we are All a part of together.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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