Ascension Messages

Open Up to Source

All of us are contained within Source. The reason we use the word 'Source,' rather than 'God,' is because most of you were indoctrinated to believe in a God sitting on a piece of real-estate called Heaven, an old bearded gentleman to look up to, that is separate from you, a Being of great authority, quick to anger that must be appeased with sacrifices and obeying certain rules and commandments. That was all created to distance you between yourselves and Source, when in fact, there is no distance because we are All aspects of Source, with the ability to receive more of that which we are, from the Being that knows itself as All That Is and as Love and Light.

You can receive it all, at any given moment, by regularly making it a practice to 'open up' to receive from Source, the aspect of you that is Love and Light. You will be aligning with the Truth of Who You Really Are and 'letting go' of the idea of yourself as a separate, egoic Being while accessing more of your Power, Creativity, and the Love that you are there to spread.

Remember, you are there to Be Love and to spread Love, do not lose yourself in detail that can easily be misinterpreted and can lead one astray. By remembering Who You Really Are, seeking to access more of that truth within and around you, as often as you can, you will Be the 'version of yourself' that you want to be there on Earth, attracting everything that you want to attract, doing whatever you want to do and being successful at it, because you aligned with the Creator, the Love and Light that is Source for all of Us.

At present, the ultimate experience of being where we are, is to bring more of Source to all of us and it is an opportunity we must do in each and every moment of our existence. And by communing with Source as often as we can, there can be nothing more energising, life-affirming, or glorious.

We are always 'open' to all your requests and seek to give you everything that you need and want, because it is important to us that you remain comfortable and joyous. While we continuously tell you that You create your own Reality, you also can ask for help. There is something to be said in asking for what you want and need, in-order to continue to Be of Service to the Collective there on Earth.

All those who are operating from the Light are there in Service, regardless of what you do for a living, and you are assisting in raising the positive energy with your 'intentions' for everyone to be Safe, Respected and Loved. There has never been a time in Human history where you have been needed more and your shift of Consciousness is enormous because of what you are now going through there on Earth.

Have Faith and Trust in your requests to us that you already have it. You must believe that 'you will' receive all your requests. The key is to Thank the Higher Density Beings for what you want, by saying it out loud, "Thank you for granting me this request". We want you to be at Peace and to be Happy because we want you to continue to do the work there for Humanity. Feel Worthy of receiving your requests because you are Worthy. We have a desire to fulfil all your desires as it gives us something to Focus on and Co-create with while working with your Higher Selves and your Guides, because we can then find the best ways in delivering all your requests to you.

We have seen many possibilities presenting themselves with more of Personal E.T. contact occurring and many more spaceships in your skies due to all the summoning coming from the Human Collective. People there do want assistance, and by opening yourselves up to receive assistance, you have granted yourselves access to various forms of E.T. contact. You are always the Way Showers on the leading edge, preparing the rest of Humanity for Full Open Contact with each sighting of a ship and with each Personal encounter that you have.

These experiences assist Unite Humanity, as you come to realise just how many Races of Beings there are in the Galaxy and in the Universe. Your commonality is the Earth experience, being Human with suffering and feeling all kinds of emotions and those experiences make you unique as a Human Race. The challenge will be to relate to the E.T.s who have very different lives and experiences. Therefore, you need to find a way to relate to all your fellow Humans, you need to choose to relate to your fellow Humans, not only the ones you disagree with on different issues, but also the ones who do bad things and by doing this, it will fast forward First Contact with E.T.s.

You can benefit your fellow Humans and Earth, if you can see E.T. contact as a way of Uniting Humanity, and not as an opportunity for you to leave. Escaping your negative Emotions or escaping Earth has never served you well, however, by grounding yourself and dealing with what is in front of you and inside of you will always Serve you. As lovely as it sounds, there would be less growth in the experience of being taken away on a star ship.

The E.T.s that are assisting you by looking in on you, do not want to rescue you, they only want You to see yourselves, your World and your fellow Humans in a different light. They will bring to you a new Perspective, that will assist you in understanding your differences because of the realisation that you were all created by Extra-Terrestrials, who have helped you there on Earth since the beginning.

There are many Higher Density Beings and Collectives connecting with Humans in the waking state and it is just that many Humans have not yet realised that they are being contacted by a Consciousness that is other than their own. All sorts of doorways are being opened, and so, another mass awakening is occurring at this time as more people begin to realise this.

Those who are already Awake will have more realisations because you are all connected. Many of those realisations will be about the 'connections' you already have, the 'experiences' with Consciousness that you have been having and the 'realisation' of where you wish to go with what you know. You will be channelling and realising that you are channelling when you do. These types of connections are preparing you for Physical Extra-Terrestrial contact.

Once you recognise that you are making connections to other Realms and other Beings, then you need to decide what to do with it. Many of you will feel compelled to share your story and information with others, that will assist many others who are having similar experiences but do not what to do with their experiences, and of course, you could choose to do nothing.

This is a wonderful time to be Awake there on Earth because you know so much more that can bring Peace and Comfort and that you can go further with it. This is not the time to suppress or deny anything, especially with what is happening to you and through you. Allow yourselves the experiences without questioning whether they are real and know that you are there to give yourselves and others permission to have these connections and contact experiences.

You are there to light the way for so many others and to do much more than the generations that came before you were able to do. It will become an undeniable force in your life, feeling the urgency to connect and express what it is you are receiving to your fellow Humans. This is your time, and it is just the beginning of what is to come, regarding all the connections that you 'can and will make' while in your Physical Body.

As you are bombarded with many different options of what to choose to believe in there on your planet, Discernment is what is required and something we encourage all of you to use when presented with a belief. There are so many beliefs that limit and stifle your progress and evolution from people who are confident and sure about their beliefs, even though that belief may not feel good to you. Always ask yourself whether it resonates and feels right to engage with that belief.

However, most people are not even recognising that something is a belief, even though it is, choosing to think that it is a truth that they must live by. You can choose more deliberately when something is presented to you and become aware of the fact that you are considering different beliefs every time something is presented to you, by recognising that a Feeling is surfacing for you.

We are constantly sharing with you the importance of following your Feelings. It is up to you to 'tune in' to what you are Feeling and to care enough about whether something Feels good to you or to choose not to listen to what that Feeling is telling you. As a 4th Density Being you can make anything true in your experience at this time, therefore, be particular about what you are choosing to believe in and the individuals you are choosing to listen to, because without even knowing, you can be developing a belief within you, thinking that you are being presented with the truth.

You will not be able to Choose your own destiny until you recognise that 'all Truths' are true, that 'all Realities' exist, and that you are Choosing from a wide array of them in every moment. It is so important for you to do that and for your joyous expression of Self to recognise, that you do have a choice. You always choose whether to believe that your body is capable of healing itself, or you can accept the mainstream doctors telling you that it is incurable. You can choose to believe that you can access all the Spiritual Gifts that other people have, or you can choose to believe that only a few are born with that type of ability. You can choose whether to believe you live in an abundant Universe, or you can choose to believe in lack off, in limitation and in a finite Universe.

It is always up to you, as you are the ones creating all of this, right now for yourselves, for your evolution and your enjoyment. Our recommendation is that you Choose a Path involving a joyous Evolution of your Consciousness, because that opportunity for joyousness is always in front of you to choose and believe in, in-order for it to become true in your Reality.

The awakening of many Humans on Earth has opened an enormous Portal over your World allowing 5th Density energies to be delivered to you. The 5th Density energies are an invitation to every Human Being that is Awake, to have the capacity of raising their Consciousness to new levels. These energies are easily harmonised and synchronised and all that is required is for you to acknowledge them, relax and open to allow them in. These energies not only raise your level of Consciousness, but also affect your Physical Body giving you the DNA upgrades and activations that you desire and making available to you, more of your Light Body.

When Feeling for these Energies, recognise that they do in fact, Feel familiar to you because you are already 5th Density and have been 5th Density before. You are using your 5th Density presence to call 'you' forward into it. Those who are a part of the Awakened Collective are meant to accept the invitation before everyone else, in-order to pave the way. You chose this life to remember and to receive more of these types of Energies, to Awaken and to Activate your Spiritual Gifts. Others chose to play the role of the ones who would Awaken slowly, however, everyone on Earth is on the same level, although it may not look that way. Every Human is awakening and has a variety of ways predetermined by them that act as a marker to wake up.

Your chosen Path is both easier and more difficult at the same time and because we are all moving into this 'time' of the Universal Ascension together, it is about to become easier on all those who are Awake. And by accepting the invitation of the 5th Density energies, you are fulfilling your purpose and your destiny. Whatever you do or say in that 5th Density state automatically invites others to join you.

You will find that many are willing and eager to accept your invitation and only needed the invitation to come from another Human Being. Everyone can receive those invitations and energies from Higher Density planes as that was a part of your blueprint and agreement. Now as you assist others to find their way to the 5th Density Consciousness you are completing your purpose that you set out to complete, allowing you to have more fun as a 5th Density Being of Light and Love.

We want you to know that more 'transformative experiences' are coming your way. You cannot possibly avoid those experiences at this point because you have decided to Transform and Evolve in this lifetime into your 5th Density Higher Selves. And the ones who are Awake are doing so Consciously and deliberately and are taking the steps necessary with the assistance of other Beings.

From your 4th Density existence, you have eight more Densities that are higher than yours. It is a big Universe with assistance coming to you through all types of Portals and through many different avenues imaginable. New doorways are opening all the time in your Physical World, doorways that have openings in all sorts of places, however, are usually in places where there are more plant and animal life and less people around.

These areas with fewer people mean there are fewer thought forms, or streams of Consciousness that can possibly disrupt these openings. This is why by going into nature and exploring Mother Earth, you can Feel the assistance coming to you. You can receive it and access more of the downloads, upgrades and activations that are around.

Much can still be received in crowded areas, cities and other places where there are many Human Beings who you are meant to have certain experiences with it by being there. You are not meant to live as a hermit or a monk, in-order to receive all the wonderful energies coming in through physical structures. However, in-order to Feel supported, whole, and complete you do need to connect with these energies.

More upgrades and activations are more likely to be received when you are quiet, your mind is quiet and when you have allowed yourself to be in a blissful state. We are reminding you again of the importance of recognising that much of the 'hard work' and 'heavy lifting' has already been done, requiring only from you to relax and receive on your part. You have so much growing and expanding to do despite the growth so far on your journey.

We are connecting with you all the time and Feel enriched and animated by each and every experience that we have with you, therefore, we invite you to see yourselves as the ones who have so much to offer your Non-Physical and E.T. friends. Often you see yourselves as being a lowly 4th Density Human Being who has yet to achieve the level of Consciousness desired, however, you are as evolved Spiritually as we are and all the other Beings in this Universe.

You are choosing to have those experiences because you know that the experiences you are having there on Earth give you the greatest opportunities for growth and evolution. You are valuable to this Universe, and it is time to hold yourselves in higher esteem. It is time to see yourselves as 'equals' to all other Beings in the Universe, and it is time for you to make contact with other Beings in this Universe of ours with that knowing.

We are all in this together, and we see you through the eyes of Love and Compassion. You will know that you are 'worthy' of receiving messages, downloads and information from all of Us in the Higher Reals once you see yourselves through our eyes. We are in this density by choice. Your Soul is projecting many 'aspects of itself' into our density as well as higher densities and 'You are your Soul'.

There is no reason for you to think of yourselves as 'less than' any other Beings in this Universe. When you elevate your 'sense of Self' to be 'equal' to all of us, that is when you experience a two-way communication with us. Choose to see us as your Collaborators and Co-Creators, because we are, you do not need to only contact us for assistance in moments of despair. We are benefitting from all that you are experiencing there on Earth with all the issues, challenges and problems that you face, as they are helping the entire Galaxy, Universe, and are giving Source opportunities to know Itself as Source.

You are keys to this Universal Ascension, and once you see yourselves in that way, you open yourselves up for contact with Physical E.T.s and with the Non-Physical Collectives like us. What we are looking for from Humanity at this time is to for you to see yourselves as we see you, to value yourselves to such an extent that you can begin to live the lives of Joy, Freedom, Love and Creativity that you deserve.

Go within. Quiet your mind. Be Heart Centred. Be Love in Action. Be of Service to others. Connect, connect and keeping connecting and you will find that there is always more available to you every time you connect with another Being, or with Mother Earth and all that dwell on here. We are certain you will find your own Path to Enlightenment.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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