Ascension Messages

August Energetic Portal

We are very happy to see so many of you opening yourselves up to this month's Energies. We Know that many of you have felt the changes in the air already and as you completely 'open up' and expect to 'receive' more, then of course you do. You 'receive' these Energies because they exist and they are coming to you through the this Energy, but you also 'receive' them because you 'expect to', and that is something very important for you to recognise.

If we were Human Beings living on Earth at this time, we would expect to be receiving help all the time, but then again, we can see what you cannot. We can Feel how many Helpers you have and we are of course, amongst those you can consider Helpers in your Experience. Now, getting back to these wonderful Energies that are coming in at this time. When you 'open up' to these Energies, you will receive not only the boost to your Vibration they are designed to give you, but you will also be 'opening yourselves up' to Energies that you have 'personally' summoned over the past year.

You build up so many 'desires' as you move through your lives, then you 'open up' at these various times and 'let in' so much of what you have been asking for since the last 'great opening' and delivery of Energies. This is a time to be Focused on Receiving, and on what you want to 'build' as you move forward throughout the rest of this year. There is so much to be constructed for Humanity by Humanity. We and All of the other Beings and Collectives like us, supply you with the raw materials, but it is YOU who Create with those raw materials what you 'want' to Experience.

In the case of some, you Create what you Fear, what you 'do not want' to Experience. And that is something we would like to remind you of, as you see so many Fear-based scenarios being handed to you at this Time. Take back the CONTROL that you have over what you FOCUS upon and therefore CREATE and 'Let Go' of the Idea that you are all hurdling towards one Future Reality that is set in stone. These New Energies are meant to Empower You, and they are meant to get you to Focus like a laser beam, on what you want to Create.

We all Know how good you are and how powerful you are, but it helps when you KNOW it. It helps YOU to Create a better Version of the Shift in Consciousness that is happening, one where you make smooth Transitions into 'each next step' along the way of your Journey. That is the Shift we Know you can initiate and Experience from where you are, and we Know it because we have seen all the Potential Timelines, and we Know that enough of you are Choosing the ones that are Joyous and filled with Ease and Grace. You are the architects of this next phase of Human Consciousness Evolution, and we are merely supplying you with everything you need to 'build that better Future' for Humanity that we see and that so many others like us see as well.

We are in a constant state of 'lucid dreaming' where we exist in the Non-Physical, 9th Density Realm. We can Create and Experience anything that we want and have it be instantaneous, because of the lack of Density. It is not a complete lack of Density, but from your Perspective, there would be none. It is still the case for us that we want to have certain Experiences. We want to Create, and then we want to Experience what we Create, and it is just easier where we are, because there is no 'time lag'. We See, Feel and Experience 'everything immediately' after its Conception.

You are moving closer and closer to that Experience on your World every day, one of the many benefits of this New Energetic Portal being 'open' is that the 'time lag' is shorter for all of you and it always will be from this point forward. That is the direction you are ALL moving in, at all times, but you are getting a much bigger boost from this particular Energetic Portal opening, because All of Us in the Higher Realms have decided that it was 'time' for people to really Know the Truth that "what they put out Energetically will come back to them". And when those turnaround 'times' are sped up, you can get a bit more particular about what you put out.

It is Time for you to 'realise' what is happening, in addition to of course realising 'who you really are' as Source Energy Beings, as Beings of Unconditional Love who CREATE one hundred percent your REALITY. That is all very important as well, and as you move forth from this New Energetic Portal, you will notice that Manifestations are coming to you 'sooner and sooner'.

Therefore, it really does benefit you to 'pay Attention' to what is going on 'inside of you', since many of you are spending a lot more time inside your homes now and you tend to turn on your devices to see what is going on, you are much more easily influenced into 'believing' in a Reality or a Future Reality. That really does not 'serve' you now that Manifestation times are speeding up, because most of what is written about your Future is not Positive. People are seeing down Timelines filled with doom and gloom, or they are just 'making things up' because they want to be important.

We tell you that You Are Important as Source Energy Beings and that you 'can' Create your Reality and yet, some of you still look for what 'so-and-so' is saying will happen. It is Time to stop doing that and start taking 'Responsibility' for what you Create. Again, things speeding up will help you accomplish that goal. You are going to get better and better at Focusing and Manifesting and we are going to watch you like 'proud parents' from high above, realising that we played a small role in getting you to where you are going. However, we will give you the vast majority of the credit, because you are the ones 'living' those challenging lives there on Earth and having to Experience so much to Grow, as fast as you need to Grow to 'complete' the Shift to the 5th Density.

We know you will, we have no doubt about it, even with all the doom and gloom predictions that are meant to sway you in a particular direction that you were never meant to go in, but everyone there on Earth right now, can 'course correct' and Choose the 'better Feeling Timeline' that is lighting up in front of All of You and 'paying Attention' to what is going on 'inside of you' is the Key, as always, to living that better life and you can also Create a better Future for your Fellow Humans while you are at it.

We are very satisfied with the progress that Humanity has been making and we are very pleased that you all have been doing so well with the Feelings of Responsibility that can come up within you when we talk to you about your role in the Shift in Consciousness. We Know that most of you Feel a Desire to be of Service and to help specifically with the Shift that you are in, right now.

We come to you and tell you that you are Leaders, you are the ones doing the heavy lifting, you are 'anchoring in' all of the Higher Frequency Energies and that you will be 'lighting up' more and more so that others who need your help and support 'can' find you. It is a lot of Responsibility that we have conveyed to you, but we are not the ones doling out the Responsibilities.

This 'was and is' a part of the Journey that you 'signed up' for in this Lifetime. You Knew that you would Awaken. You Knew that you would do the work on yourselves necessary to put you in this position of 'being the Ground Crew' for all of us in the Higher Realms and you Knew that you would have to help those who would be facing a lot of trauma and negative Emotions, all at once. And you said 'YES!' to all of it, and now that you are Aware of ALL of these Responsibilities, you are once again saying 'YES!' to the challenge, and we appreciate that.

We see all of you who have wanted so much to be of Service, Feeling a sense of satisfaction, Knowing that the Time will come when you will be asked to 'step up' and play the role of Guides and Leaders to those who have yet to Awaken. We want you to know how 'significant' it is that you are 'willing', still, to help those who have yet to Awaken, and we want you to 'recognise' that you are still Transforming and Evolving.

You do not need to worry about your 'readiness' for these Duties. You are more than capable now, and you will be even more capable when the Time comes for you to 'answer the call' and to Assist those who need people like yourselves, who have been doing the work, to help them process their 'negative Emotions' and 'Past Life trauma'. You are the ones who have shown yourselves to be Masters in other Lifetimes on Earth and in other parts of the Galaxy, that is why you were so willing to 'step up' and play this 'significant role' in the Shift in Consciousness for Humanity.

We are accessing new Truths about this Universe all the time, because our Universe continues to Expand and Change because of our Collective Presence in it. We are talking about All of Us who inhabit this Universe and so We include All of You. You are the Change-Makers there on Earth and that ripple effect that you have on the entire Universe is 'felt and experienced' by ALL. We Know now more than ever, how important it is to be FOCUSED on the Experiences everyone wants to have in their lives and in the lives of others, because we continue to see New Energies entering this Universe from other Universes to 'support' the Choices that you are making there on planet Earth.

You do not have 'any idea' of the amount of influence you have and we would like to change that with your help and your permission of course. We want you to KNOW and FEEL how POWERFUL you are, and so, we want to help you recognise that by living through the times you are living through and by being as polarized as you are, you Create more than if you were completely at Peace right now, with everyone healthy and thriving there on your Planet. Remember that, when you start to lose Hope or Feel as though you are regressing as a Human Collective.

You need that 'tension and conflict' to reveal to you the aspects of the Human Collective Consciousness that still need to be Healed and Forgiven. You all need to recognise that you are NOT in a battle or a war, just because you 'disagree' on some 'key issues'. You need to be able to disagree with each other, not only to Create and Access those Energies that are coming into this Universe from afar, but you also need to Experience Unconditional Love, in order to Know yourselves more fully. If you can disagree with someone and have a very firm stance on what you disagree on, and, still Love that Person, then you Know you have achieved something in your Life, something that would not have been achievable without that discord, that tension, that conflict.

You are growing exponentially there on Earth at this time, and we all Grow throughout this Universe as a result of the current Human condition. We want to Thank You for being there and being willing to 'endure so much' in the name of the Expansion of the Universe and the furthering of the Knowing of Source. These are 'challenging' Times of Change and you will be the Benefactors there on Earth, as these Energies that are coming in right now are 'tailor-made' to bring about the Changes that you all want to see, Changes that will bring you closer to one another, closer to Full and Open E.T. Contact and closer to the Completion of your Ascension to the 5th Density.

Look for the Positives amidst 'everything' that you are Experiencing, because that will be the way for you to stay in a High enough Vibration to benefit from these New Energies coming in from afar.

We are very excited about the way we can sense All of You using 'opportunities' in your lives to go deeper and further in your Spiritual Evolution. We Know that you have been through so much of late and that the Spirit of Humanity continues to Evolve in its Consciousness, despite all the sadness and anger you have been accessing, as well as the Fear that has taken over in the lives of so many there on Earth. At times like this, we wonder how we can help, because there is so much help that is needed there on Earth, and statistically speaking, the percentage of Humans who are looking for help from above and then lining up with it, is small.

You All understand that it 'is' possible to Heal from 'anything', Physically and Emotionally and that is extremely helpful to the Collective Consciousness. You also understand the power of Connection and Alignment, and when you are in a crisis, like you have been there on Earth, those of you who understand how to Align your Chakras and how to Align with Source, truly Assist your Fellow Humans. New Healing Modalities are being created there amongst the Awakened Collective in 'response' to the pandemic and the virus.

Those of you who understand that it is your Role to be a Healer, never back down. Instead, you look for what is newly available to you, and you access it. You utilise the Energies that are coming from above, and you synergise those Energies with the Ones you have been working with for quite some time, and the next thing you Know, you are even 'more Powerful Healers' than you were before this all started. This is one way to find a 'silver lining'.

We realise that we are speaking to many of you in the Awakened Collective who have taken the time to 'open up' and 'receive' and we also see you utilising All of your skills and abilities, All of your gifts, to Create New Healing Modalities. This is a Time of great need there on Earth, and whether people are coming to you for Healing or not, you can send Healing Energies out into the Collective. They will either be Accepted or Rejected, but no harm will ever be done, and no one's 'Free Will', will ever be trampled upon.

People from all across your Planet are asking for Help and Healing and the answer to those requests is coming. We provide Healing Energies, and so do the Pleiadeans, Sirians and so many others. However, not everyone is then capable of 'opening up' to 'Receive' what they have asked for, and so, that is where YOU step in. You 'step up' and Align with the Healing Energies that are coming in from all across the Galaxy. You 'Anchor' those Energies in and then you 'spread' them around, because YOU are Beings of Service, and YOU are there to Serve a confused, afraid, sad, and often angry Human Collective.

We want to commend All of you for your Service, and let you know that more help is coming now, and it always will continue to come to you.

Te Puna Portal:

We the Andromedans come forth as a Collective to share and impart Wisdom. You must remember your Light within. You must Acknowledge your True Essence, that of Creation. We see in this moment many of you getting caught up in the 'Drama' unfolding. We see you becoming 'too involved' with the various situations playing out, and this is not healthy for your Energy and Vibration. There comes a point where you All must 'detach' from the Drama and its seeming chaos. For Dear Ones, the chaos is not for You. The Chaos is intended for the deep sleepers, the ones who are destined to 'wake up' but are still deep within the Illusion. WE ASK YOU NOW, TO PLEASE STEP BACK.

Those of you who are well Awake and Aware, must FOCUS your ENERGY on the POSITIVE. You must FOCUS on Expanding and Reflecting your Light within. It is now up to YOU on the forefront of this Grand Shift, to let the Illusion fade from your Consciousness, to then 'draw in' all the Beauty that is to be Created. You need not fight Dear Ones, for it is NOW up to the 'deep sleepers' to Awaken and Remember. It is NOW up to the general population to step forth from their slumber and the Illusion for what it is.

We send this message with some urgency, as you must be Grounded and Anchored in your TRUTH as the Masses prepare to Awaken. Truths are ready to be announced, and it is those who are Asleep, that will be triggered the most. We ask NOW that you return to your Inner World, the place where your TRUTH resides, the place where your Unconditional Love is Eternal and Encompassing. For you will need to draw on this, in order to help your Fellow Brothers and Sisters.

The time is NOW Dear Ones. The moments you have ALL been preparing for. The moments you came here for.

We ask now that you return to your place of Love and Compassion. We ask that you leave the fight. For the Fight will now begin for those who are to Awaken, and you all must be prepared. You have all fought the fight well, but it is not required of you anymore. You must be Grounded in your Truth, Love and Compassion. The fight no longer serves you.

The way to Serve in this moment, is by coming together in UNITY and PEACE, UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. Come together to share Love and Wisdom, not information about this or that. You have already been there and done that. It helps to stay informed, but not involved. We will say it again - IT HELPS TO STAY INFORMED, BUT NOT INVOLVED.

You have already moved through this, so it no longer Serves you to become involved. Your Love, Compassion and Forgiveness is what matters now. Return to your LIGHT Dear Ones. Remember your Light within. Remember who you are at your core. Your Truth, Light and Love. This is what will carry you through the coming days. This is what will lift you up and in turn, 'lift up' All those around you. The fight is yours no more. Lay your weapons down, instead, SHINE your LIGHT to those that are about to pick up their weapons.

We are the Andromedans. The Time has come, to Shine your Light brighter and farther than ever before. We are here now to help 'amplify your efforts'. Love, Blessings and Gratitude from our Galaxy.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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