Ascension Messages

You are the Universe

We are feeling enthusiastic about what is to come for Humanity. All the trauma that you experienced on Earth need not be experienced again because you have already experienced it. We are confident that you have all received what you needed to receive through all the experiences you had in all your lifetimes put together. Therefore, we know that you do not need to experience any more wars, famines, natural disasters, or anything else that you have already experienced as Individuals and as a Collective.

Any fears that you have with what is to come, are fears about what you have 'already experienced' and know you do not want anymore. Your work then, is to clear those fears, so that you can Focus purely on what you 'do want to experience' moving forward. The rest of your Ascension is entirely up to you with which Future you choose and can be filled with joyous experiences.

We are enthusiastic about your Future and not because there is only one Future, it is because we know that enough of you have come to understand the Truth, that YOU Choose which Future you want to experience to bring about a brighter and better Future for all.

You know how to Focus, how to offer a Thought on purpose and you know how to clear a lower Vibrational emotion. You also know how to 'hold space' for your fellow Humans so that they do not have to experience the unwanted while there on Earth, and at the same time, you are loving your life completely. As the Awakened Collective you are there to share, to lead and to set the example for others. You are there to be the healers so that your fellow Humans can release what they need to release to join you on that beautiful journey to the 5th Density that you Consciously and deliberately took.

By being Conscious and Aware of the choices you are making in 'every waking moment' makes all the difference. As you begin to Feel into the wonderful Future experiences that you have already created, you will Feel yourself lighting up and you can Feel yourself resonating with those Realities because they are the ones that You helped Co-Create. Let Go of your worries and if you find you are afraid of something, then 'Feel the Fear' and 'Release it'. Do not concern yourself about whether others are understanding it or not, or whether they will wake up on time or not, remember, everyone is on their own journey, on their own Path.

Everyone's Path is meant to be unique to them and does not need to look like your path. We are sharing our optimistic version of a Future Reality with anyone and everyone who wants to explore it with Us. We invite you all to come to Us in the Astral plane, where we can Co-Create even more magical experiences for Humanity's Future, for all Future Timelines, for all Human Beings. While drifting off to sleep set the Intention to meet, to Co-Create with Us and we will meet you there.

We are existing in Non-Physical form and are non-local, however, we carry the 'energetic signature' of our place of origin, the Arcturian Star System. For those of you who have an interest in our Star System, we are assisting you in moving closer to the time where you can stand in front of a Physical Extra-Terrestrial Being, because it is easier to hold the Energies from the Non-Physical and from a peaceful and beautiful place as Arcturus.

Therefore, whenever you have an opportunity to do so, we welcome you to open yourselves up to Us. During the times you receive these messages you could also be Consciously opening yourselves up to our Energies and our Consciousness so that through your own choice, you Consciously connect to Us. You are making progress there on Earth with Physical E.T. contact and know that many individuals are having their E.T. contact experiences, some remembering their contact experiences while others are not.

By receiving Non-Physical Extra-Terrestrial Energy, you are also receiving E.T. DNA activations. These contact experiences are very important as you have an opportunity to remember more of your own E.T. lifetimes. These contact experiences are laying down the groundwork for the Physical 'face-to-face' encounters that you all want. When you see UFOs in your skies you are also receiving activations and downloads in those moments. Those who have had those experiences realise this understanding and that the E.T.s are aware of your thoughts in those moments.

It is a beautiful time to be alive there on planet Earth because you have opportunities to have so many of these experiences in this 'one lifetime', that are leading to your Ascension. Once you Ascend you will be able to interact with whichever E.T. you wish and every single day that you are there on Earth leads you closer to that time. Relax and enjoy the ride because the destination is guaranteed, and you will Feel more timeless enjoying the journey to full Extra-Terrestrial contact when you play with what you have available to you right now.

By opening yourself up to Higher Frequency Energies and anchoring them in for the Collective you can become one of the Ones who plays the role of bringing the changes with E.T. contact to occur there on Earth. We know that they will occur, and many of you who are Awake also know that they will occur, however, how they occur and with whom, is still uncertain. By being willing to Be yourSelf, you help elevate the Consciousness of the entire Collective. As variety is what makes Earth so special, there is no need for you to try to fit in, especially when clearly what is happening on Earth is not working for everyone.

Now is the time to shine brightly as there are others also shining their Light across the planet and together you are strong enough to create a wave of Consciousness that will spread throughout Humanity. We know that it is important for all of you to be Who You Really Are in-order to fulfil your purpose for being there. This is something that we have known for a very long time, and it is something that those of you who are awake have suspected for quite some time. For eons of time, it has been enough for those of you who are awake to simply anchor in those Energies and spread that Light through the Gridlines on Earth.

However, to see and feel the impact that you are having on the Collective that you are a part of, it is important for you to 'put out' what it is that you are anchoring in. It is important that what you are receiving, you are transmitting out and then you will benefit from seeing the impact you are having on your fellow Humans. The impact can be enormous, and as the ones who are risking it all by placing yourself out there, you will be the example for those who will look up to you in admiration for the work you are doing in your World.

You will be sending out messages of Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, Creativity and Freedom. You want people to know 'who they really are', and you are ready to be the Ones to Light the way for the rest of Humanity and to fulfil your purpose for incarnating on a planet that was much more asleep as a Collective than it is right now.

We are very practical in our approach to Spirituality. As efficient Beings, we like to use our ability to Focus wisely, which is why we pay close attention to whether something we are doing or focusing upon is in fact raising our Vibration, causing us to Feel something we have never felt before, bringing us closer to Source, or whether these things are not accomplishing those goals.

We know that many Humans use the techniques and spiritual practices that you were taught or because those practices or techniques did work for you at one time. However, it serves you well to 'examine' what you are doing from time to time, because it is easy to get into a routine that may not be having the desired impact on you. Therefore, examine to see if it is 'serving you' and raising your Frequency, not because it is what someone else is doing or because you want to fit in.

We recommend therefore, that you become particular about what you practice Spiritually, and what you Focus on, in any given moment. Now is especially an excellent time to be 'paying attention' to your own Vibration, your Choices and what your Focus is on, because everything is speeding up there on your World and throughout the Universe.

Everything can and will come to you at a faster pace than what you are accustomed to in this lifetime, which means that your Spiritual practices can be far more effective than they have been previously. There has never been a better time than now to be Awake Spiritually and to utilise what you have come to know as effective. However, we advise you to evaluate whether something is still as effective as it once was and to be more spontaneous and playful when it comes to your Spirituality.

We are gathering enough data to support all Humans on all Timelines, in all Realities and Universes. We have broadened the scope of assistance that we are offering at present to include those Humans who do not exist in your Reality, Timeline or in your Universe at present. The significance is that all Versions of you are assisted, and you benefit, for you are not just growing as the Individual in your Physical Body right now, even your Past and Future versions of you are helping you to Evolve and Ascend.

Therefore, you can relax more knowing that your Evolution is a natural process. Your Evolution does not need to be a struggle or that you must include a series of trials and tribulations. Ease up on yourself, it can be smooth and easy. As you start to understand that your Evolution of Consciousness is inevitable that benefits all Beings throughout all Universes, you can also start to accept the idea that you do not need to do anything at this time, nor need to prove your worthiness to Ascend.

Your assistance in helping other Humans there on Earth is through raising 'your Consciousness' and not through completing tasks. You are already 5th Density Selves, in every moment of every day, you are recognising that Truth and 'letting go' of Ideas, Thoughts, Beliefs and Blocked Energies that hold you back from knowing yourselves as your True Selves. Your Spiritual Evolution does not need to be hard, nor that you must go about it in the most challenging ways.

Take the easy route, make it a point to Consciously 'tune in' to all those other Selves and what they are receiving right now, what they have been able to achieve in terms of their Vibration, and know that you are also assisting every single one of these other You's. You are always 'being of Service', regardless of how it may look. By just receiving this message, you are helping yourselves, all your fellow Humans, and all the other You's throughout the Multiverse. Again, this is a wonderful time to be alive and in a Human body on Earth because of this assistance and because of all the transformation that will follow.

We wish for you to acknowledge Who You Really Are, and we encourage all of you to make proclamations to this Universe about your Intentions moving forward in this lifetime, and we want you to 'expect to see something' almost immediately in response to that proclamation. It is time for you to demonstrate to yourselves that without a doubt, you are this Universe. You are not in the Universe; it is an extension of who and what You are.

Therefore, there is no need to wait for the right timing or for someone to tell you what to do. It is time for you to start speaking and acting as if the Universe is an extension of you, as if it is a projection of your Consciousness outward. You are the totality of this Universe and more, and you not only have a say in what happens in your Reality and what you Create, YOU are having the experience of yourself as everything around YOU.

Everything and everyone IS a part of you, wanting you to Feel that connection, wanting you to know the Truth of 'who they are' and 'what they are' to you. However, you need to 'start owning' that YOU ARE the Universe, and the Universe IS YOU. To reflect these Truths to you, start by making statements and taking actions. Everything is magic. Everything is responding to your every Thought, your every Word and your every Action because EVERYTHING is a projection of it.

The word 'everything' as a synonym for the word 'universe'. We know that you have had moments of understanding this, and perhaps even putting it to the test in your lives, but you have never been where you are right now in your Spiritual development, and therefore, you have never been 'this Universe', exactly as it is until this very moment, where you are hearing what you need to hear in-order to be more of who and what you really are.

You can be a Universe of Peace, Trust, Love and of Connection, or you can be a Universe of fear, resentment, mistrust, and hate. You can be the Universe that integrates or the Universe that continues to explore the 'idea of separation'. We know that if you are reading or listening to this message, you will choose the Loving, Peaceful Universe that is filled with Joy, that is 'all inclusive', that wants to explore itself even more as you continue your Evolution and your Expansion. Be who you really are in Word, Thought and Action.

We give you freely and without hesitation anything that you ask for, then it is up to you to 'believe' that you have created what you have 'desired to create' and that it IS coming to you. And by you 'letting go' is the easiest way for you to show your Faith in your power of Manifestation.

If you can detach yourself from when or whether it comes, then you are in the correct Vibration to receive what you have 'already created' and is coming to you. If your Happiness is dependent upon 'a particular Manifestation' or that it means 'everything to you', it will likely be delayed. And 'if and when' you do 'open up' to receiving this Manifestation, you may find yourself disappointed if you expect to find happiness outside of you, because your happiness must be something that comes from 'within you'.

Therefore, anything that places you into that sate of being with you believing that it must come from outside of you, can go away. You have all the Power, because you have the Power to Choose what you are Focusing on in the 'present moment' and you have the Power to Choose what you are remembering from the past. You also have the Power to Choose what you are anticipating about the Future.

If you have a tendency of Focusing on something that is negative or that you do not like in the 'now moment', chances are that you are not finding Happiness within you. If you have a tendency to look back at your past and Focus on 'regrets' and of all the things that did not happen, then chances are you are not able to enjoy the 'present moment' either. Therefore, when you release 'all expectation' about a Manifestation and insist instead on doing the 'best you can' in the 'now moment' to enjoy it, you have then become a Spiritual Master.

You chose planet Earth to incarnate onto because you knew you were already Spiritual Masters, you also wanted to have the experience of 'movement' from not feeling masterful to fully knowing yourself as the Master that you truly are. The way of the Master is not to become someone who is without desire, rather, the Master has a desire and realises that their happiness is not dependent upon that desire ever coming to fruition.

You can live equally in the Spiritual and the Material Worlds. You can live equally 'going within' and 'focusing outside' of yourself, and you can do so with the knowing that part of what you are doing now there on Earth is 'integrating' all these seemingly opposites. There are what you would call past life experiences where you chose the 'all Spiritual way' or the 'all Material way' because as a Soul you also want to have those experiences.

However, Ascending in this lifetime you have an opportunity to experience a bit of everything, place it all together to become One Harmonious Whole, who acknowledges that everything is One, representing the Oneness that we All are, the Source. Integration is necessary in-order to do that. Therefore, have your desires, create whatever it is you want to Manifest, have a rich Inner World leaving you feeling completely fulfilled every time you enter it, and you will be able to live in all Worlds simultaneously with Happiness.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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