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Journey beyond the programmed Human Mind

We are eager to receive Humanity's next set of 'desires and requests' for assistance. We are always looking for more ways in which We can help, and we are always excited to hear from any of you who Feel compelled to reach out to Us for our assistance. We like having a Purpose, and we like Feeling as though we are a Part of your Physical existence there on Earth. In recent weeks and months, we have been getting many requests from all of you for assistance with 'activating' more of the Chakras that you have inside your main Chakra System.

Now, many of you have very specific requests about what you want from those Chakra Activations, while others do not know that they are asking for a Chakra Activation, however, we know and your Guides know exactly what you need, no matter what it is you are asking for. The Activations are a 'Group effort' and we work with your Guides and your Higher Selves to give you what you are asking for. Once you have received the Activation, you may not know about your newfound Power until you take the time to 'tune in' and see what is available to you. Therefore, we recommend that you do this on a daily basis. In other words, just because you have not had an Ability, or you have not been able to Manifest something into your lives, does not mean that you are 'unable' to in the very next Moment.

You must have Faith in yourselves and Trust in the process of your continued Spiritual Evolution, and just know, that we are All giving you what is most appropriate for you to receive at all times. However, you must Master the Gift, the Power, the new Ability that you have been given access to. Mastery takes Time, Focus, Patience, and Attention. You also must BELIEVE in your Ability to Master whatever it is that you have asked for and been given. Some people give up too soon on themselves, even though they have all the capability that they desire. It is not necessarily easy to utilise your newly Activated Chakra or Chakras, but the time spent in achieving Mastery is well worth it. And you will gain so much more clarity about what else you need and what else you want as you put forth the Time and Energy and Create the 'space to achieve' that Mastery, to 'access' that Gift, to work on your Manifestation Ability.

For those of you who are receiving this Message, we have heard from all of you who have 'reached out' and we are not 'holding anything back'. We advise you to dig deep and Feel into what IS 'available' to you right now, and we Know that you will not be disappointed.

We are feeling at Peace with how things are going there on Earth, although we Know things could be going better. That Inner Peace that we Feel is present because we Know that everything is ultimately going to be 'all right' for the Humans of Earth. We also realise that when you are in the thick of it, when you are having an experience of despair, ill health, abject poverty and so on, that you do not know that everything is going to be okay. The reason you do not know that everything is going to be okay, is because, you must have the 'doubt' there in-order to fully Feel the Emotions that you have available to you there on Earth. It all has to seem very real, and you all have to 'believe' that there is a 'chance' that things are not going to work out, in-order for those Emotions to Be Experienced.

Now, once you Experience the Emotions enough times, you come to recognise that in spite of all of the things you have had to do and face in your life, that were unpleasant and unwanted, YOU survived. And in spite of all the negative Emotions you have had to Feel, you got through them. In fact, when most people there on Earth talk about going through their 'dark night of the Soul', they tell the story with a sense of nostalgia, because they realise how 'strong they were' in facing those challenges.

Most people also recognise how the 'dark night of the Soul' Served them. Firstly, you want to be Aware that you have always Created 'everything' that you are Experiencing in your lives. Secondly, you always want to be Aware of the Truth that is in your life, whatever it may be, no matter how horrible it is to you, it Serves You, somehow. And the thirdly, you always want to be Aware of, is that you can discover how it Serves you and Benefit from it. These steps 'allow' You to come to a place of Acceptance. When You have Acceptance, you drop Resistance. When you drop Resistance, you 'allow in' all the Help that is 'available to you' in every moment of your lives.

You can tell when you have 'resistance' to something because you Feel it. And sometimes you Feel it in an Emotional way, and sometimes you Feel it in a very Physical way. Other times, it is 'mental anguish' that tires you out to the point of exhaustion. So, if you are not Feeling so great Physically, Mentally, or Emotionally, then Know that 'you have some resistance' to something that you need to find a way of Accepting.

When you realise that 'everything is your Creation' and has not been 'thrust upon you' by some outside force, it becomes easier to Accept. When you realise that something Serves you, it becomes easier to Accept. And finally, when you realise that you 'will benefit' from everything that is in your life, if you can find the way that it Serves you, then you can also come to that place of Acceptance.

And you will as a Soul, always survive. You will always Heal. You will always find relief, somehow, some way. However, what we are telling you right now, is that when you seek to find that relief, that Inner Peace, that Trust that everything is going to be okay, you get to that point a lot faster, and you get to take the benefit of all that you have experienced. And that is a wonderful moment for you all to enjoy. It is very challenging to be there on Earth, and we know that, and we do not mean to diminish your suffering in any way, however, we always want to give you a way out. That is our intention with this Message.

We are always finding more and more opportunities to Connect with those of you who are ready for our Energy, our Vibration, and our Teachings. We know that many of you reach out to us on a consistent basis, and we also know that you would Love to hear us whispering back to you in your Mind's ear. However, there are so many other ways for You to Connect with Us as you work on your Clairaudient Abilities.

We suggest that you put forth the 'intention' to meet up with Us in the Astral Plane, while you are asleep. We also suggest that you Feel for our 'presence' around you as you Meditate. And furthermore, we advise that you 'tune in' to the Energy that is being transmitted in this Message.

You have an opportunity to Feel for our Vibrational signature every single time you receive one of these Messages, and that is important because you do want to remember your Arcturian lifetimes. You do want to have your Arcturian DNA activated, and you do want to absorb the Energy that we are transmitting in every moment, as it certainly will raise you Vibration. And you might even find yourselves accessing more of your Spiritual Gifts and Abilities, which you had in spades when you incarnated here in our System.

There are grand opportunities presenting themselves to you all the time, to Connect with Higher-Frequency, Higher-Density Beings like us, and all you have to do is Be Open and Receptive to them. Be Open and Receptive to Us, because we are calling you towards the Higher-Vibrational state that you want to be in. We are summoning you up into the 5th-Density Realm, a Realm that you are still in the process of Co-Creating. We can also work through symbols, synchronicities, and signs that you see. If you set up the meaning, we will deliver in the appropriate timing. Tell Us and your Guides, what you want it to mean when you see certain numbers lining up, or you see a rainbow, or a dragonfly.

We are always looking for new ways to be a bigger Part of your Lives, as we know we can have a Positive impact. We know it, because we Feel it, and because we Experience the impact that we have on you. All you need to do is let us in and let us be a bigger Part of your lives, and we can Co-Create magical experiences together.

We celebrate every moment of your existence because we honestly Feel that existence is worth celebrating. You Exist; therefore, you get to Feel Love, Connection, Joy, Excitement, Abundance, Confidence and so much more. You must Exist in that Physical Realm to Feel those feelings exactly as you do. You truly are there to Explore and to Experience, and when you 'allow yourself to experience it all', and then 'allow all of the emotions' to 'come up within you' as a result of those Experiences, you fulfil a Mission. You can, of course, then help others, but you can only help others when you are fully informed, and you are not fully informed if you are 'not allowing all your emotions' to 'bubble up' to the surface and BE FELT by YOU.

You can spread information that you come to Know, or Believe, is True, and you can feed someone at the level of their Mind, however, you are All there to go far beyond the level of the Mind. You are there to expand from the Heart and to use the Mind to Focus you, in that direction. If you have only felt half of the Emotions that you were meant to Feel in this lifetime, you might think that you have much offer to Humanity. Certainly, everyone does, no matter where they are on their journey. However, if you want to help people in a long-lasting and effective way, you will start by helping yourself. You will help yourself to 'unblock' your Emotional Centre and the 'flow of all Emotions' by Feeling the ones that are most 'challenging' for you to Feel.

You can set aside time in your day to do this, because you Do want those floodgates to open; you do want as much Love, Joy and Peace as possible to 'flow to you' and 'through you' and they cannot flow when there is sadness, anger and fear blocking the pipeline, so to speak. If you really want to Be of Service to others and help Humanity to Ascend, you must start with the very basics. You must start with what everyone Intuitively knew when they came into this lifetime. Everyone knew that when they were sad, they needed to cry. When they were angry, they needed to let it out, and when they were afraid, they needed to seek comfort and allow that fear to pass through them.

Something along the way became 'responsible' for most Individuals' tendency to not allow' all those negative Emotions to flow. And those Emotions do 'get stuck' and that leads to addictions of all kinds. It also leads people to not being able to fully access the Love that they are, and many people also taking actions to compensate for those Feelings that they do not even know are trapped inside of them, Creating their Reality with those Vibrations.

That is where you come in as the Enlightened Light-Worker that you are. You come in to help them meditate, breathe, do yoga, get in touch with their Inner Child, and so many other aspects of the Spiritual Life that you have come to know. Ultimately, no matter what you are doing with a person, you are helping them to 'unblock' those blocked negative Emotions. You are helping them to Heal so that they too can Feel the Love that 'they are' and go out into the World and Be who they need to Be for Humanity. And when someone lets the floodgates of Emotion within them open up, that too is worth celebrating.

We never cease to be amazed by what you are able to Create on your own. We know that many of you are Aware that Humans are routinely helped by Extra-Terrestrials when it comes to technology and making advancements in various fields. However, you are far more Creative when you are putting a paintbrush to a canvas, writing a song, or crafting a screenplay that will become a movie.

You are magnificent Creator Beings on a Path of Ascension, and it is a Path that you have been on since the day that Humanity was born. You are Souls seeking Experience. You have gone way past survival and you are exploring the vastness of your own Consciousness. That is when Beings and Collectives in Higher-Density planes really get excited, because then, we see Ourselves in You.

We want you to know that all the Downloads and Information that you receive is coming from You. You are just getting it from another 'aspect of you' with some help from your Guides and with some help from Collectives like Us. However, there is no separation, so even when you receive from a Collective from another Star System, it is still You, that is giving the Download, that is giving the Information. You cannot possibly reach outside of yourselves, but you can reach. You can go beyond the Ego. You can go beyond what others have done before you, and that is what you are doing every time you set out to Create something New.

We have been exploring the different levels of Consciousness present on your Planet and we have noticed that those of you who are Awake, are more than compensating for those who are living their lives in the dark, playing the roles of the villains. It is those of you who are Awake and are Focusing on the Truth that you are Source Energy Beings, that you are Love Incarnate, who are the ones doing the Balancing of the Energies.

Those who are constantly on a witch-hunt for the villains of your Planet are not Balancing those Energies at all. In fact, they are lowering their Vibration while on that witch-hunt, and they are not examining themselves at all to see what these villains represent that also exists inside of them. However, those of you who are living the Truth that you are Source Energy Beings, know that Source is ALL inclusive. Therefore, you are not attempting to root out the evildoers of the World, but rather, you are Focusing on the 'good' that exists within yourselves and within others.

You are seeing the 'good' in those who may not deserve that Perspective to be placed upon them, but you know what your role is as a Light-Worker. As a Light-Worker, you are there to shine Light. You are not there to go into the darkness to defeat those in the darkness, and you know that. And this is a good time for this reminder to hit all of you who are truly Awake, because the smear campaigns on your World are going to continue, and you will not know what is true and what is not for quite some time.

It is best then for you to stay in the Light and invite others to join you in the Light. Allowing more of Source Energy to flow through you is what will create this 'tipping point' that many are looking for. You are there to Serve that purpose. You are there to do your Part, and oftentimes, that means Forgiving the villains and even having Compassion for them, so that you can stay in that Christ or Karistus Consciousness. Christ or Karistus Consciousness is not about excluding others, which is why all of these scenarios where half of Humanity Ascends and half does not, makes absolutely no sense.

You are All in this together, and when you can Love Unconditionally the worst in Humanity because you have decided that YOU ARE LOVE, that is when you are ready to take Humankind into the Higher Consciousness of the 5th Density and those of you who are receiving this Message understand that at your core. And you are the Ones doing the 'heavy lifting' there on your Planet. You are the Ones who will continue to invite your fellow Humans to the Light, to seeing the 'good' in others, to being in that state of Forgiveness and Compassion, and that is what makes a difference on your World.

That is the only thing that is going to 'tip the scales' for Humanity, that is going to Change the World that you live on. You will be saving yourselves in the process, because when you go down those 'rabbit holes' of who is doing what in the dark, you find yourself in the dark. That is not where you belong. You are there to Save. You are there to Help. You are there to Heal. And from what we see, those of you who are Awake enough to receive this Message are achieving that promise that you made to yourselves and all of Humanity when you decided to incarnate there, and that makes us very happy.

Te Wana | Tawa | Te Awa | Adventure with joy, with all its multiple meanings

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